Friday, July 02, 2004

In the beginning...

So, my wife and one of her friends created one of these so I was encouraged to do the same. She mentioned it to me last night, and I thought "Man, this would be a great way to vent about all the morons I have to talk to all day at work." So, my first post will be devoted entirely to dumb Canadians. If you are Canadian, and this offends you, perhaps it only offends you because you know it is true. Our phone systems were going down yesterday, so I informed this idiot that I had to go. He decided that I was only kidding and needed to ask several more questions. To beat all, when I had finally given him a price, he informed me that was too high. If I thought I could get away with it, I would make sure every Canadian that I spoke to was quoted double the retail cost. What would they think about that there eh? Sorry, I can't help that you continue to live in Canada. I can't help that your dollar isn't worth squat. However, should I ever find myself in Canada, I'm going to be sure to ask every one of you "So, is that my cost there eh? Don't ya think that's a little high there eh? So, can ya give me a better price there eh?" Also, I'm going to learn to speak spanish to all you french speaking clowns, and be sure to pretend that I speak no other language when you have a question. Until next


So what do you think, eh? This one was funny, as I am sure all of yours will be. Thus, making mine look worse. This stinks. Love Ya.
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IM just laughing at how easy it was to find this. This was the first thing I typed in and VOILA! There was your blog. Look at Jen's site. She hasn't had time to tell me yet. Im so clever.... And so humble too!

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