Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Politics, Assholes, and Deaf People...

So I'm watching the news this morning and I see that the creators of South Park (I think) made a political cartoon with John F. Kerry, and George W. Bush singing "This Land Will Surely Vote For Me" to the tune of "This Land was Made for You and Me."  It was quite hilarious, and if I can find it I will surely download it at work today.  My favorite line was when Bush said "He gives you flip flop, I bring you tax cuts..."  The image of John Kerry was holding a sign that said "Yes" on one side, and "NO" on the other and was flipping it back and forth.  I imagine John Kerry didn't approve that message, but he didn't disapprove of it.
I get an e-mail from this amazing ass clown this morning.  He had asked me a question, then called in to see if I was lying to him.  The idiot that answered the phone didn't know what he was talking about so he told him something different - exactly what the customer wanted to hear.  So this asshole e-mails me back and says "will the person with the real information please stand up."  I was tempted to respond - "will the asshole hiding behind his keyboard find something better to do."  Honestly, why ask the same question twice?  If you're that much of an asshole - please keep it to yourself.  I don't have time for you, and neither does anyone else.
So I'm talking to this lady yesterday, and honestly - she shouldn't be allowed to use operate a telephone due to the fact that she cannot hear.  It's not that she was actually deaf, she'd just lost 99 percent of her hearing.  The people around me came over to see who I was arguing with because I had to yell everything I said at the top of my lungs to get her to hear it.  I kept thinking I should just hang up, but I didn't.  I kept thinking "I'm doing a good thing here - I'm taking one for the team."  When she finally decided to get off the phone - she realized she had called the wrong place to begin with.  I'm sorry, if you are that hard of hearing - don't use the phone.  I'm sure there are plenty of people around that could help you.  Don't waste 30 minutes of someones day only to tell them you didn't mean to call.  Perhaps I should have more of a heart and go "oh, it's okay, they're old."  I've decided, I'm not going to wait until I'm that old to lose my hearing.  I'm going to walk around and anytime someone speaks to me directly look at them like they're making up words and say "Huh?"  Can you imagine that lady driving in front of you in traffic?  She'd be driving five miles per hour in the left lane - no - in BOTH lanes and wouldn't be able to hear everyone honking and yelling at her.  Well, I suppose that is all for now.  I'm sure someone will piss me off today so I'll have more to write for tomorrow.


LOL! The South Park episode sounds hilarious!

I used to work in customer service and HATED it! People can be such flaming retards, its ridiculous.

Out of curiosity, I just wonder why you implied I was suspicious?

posted by Blogger Good Wife at 5:53 PM  
I feel your pain, I used to work customer service for Blue Cross and this nearly deaf man would call in quite often and would tell me "I didn't get my newspaper"....I felt like weeping every time, my poor vocal cords.
posted by Blogger Chas at 1:03 AM  

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