Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Car Salesmen...Sheesh!

So, my sister is looking for a new car.  Some jackleg rear ended her a couple of weeks ago and the car just isn't worth repairing.  It isn't totalled, but also not worth the $1700 repair bill.  So, at lunch the other day I took her down to look at a car like she wanted.  We had built a couple online to see what she would be looking at pricewise.  Knowing every single option available, we check out  a few that the dealer has in stock.  Upon driving one, this idiot starts telling us that what we're looking for doesn't exist, and that we can't get the options she wants.  So, after hearing his crap for a good solid 10 minutes, I pulled the option sheet from the manufacturer from my pocket.  He looked at it in disgust and told me I was looking at a different car.  Needless to say, we didn't buy it from him - what a moron.

So someone commented to me the other day, that I appear to be against John Kerry.  Who would have thought it?  Sorry, I've usually never been big into politics but I can't stand to see John Kerry on TV, and I can assure you he does not approve this message - but if he thinks it might get him some votes he wouldn't disapprove of it either.  The redition of "This Land" was probably the most accurate description of Kerry I have seen yet - he really looks like Herman Munster!  Why am I against John Kerry?  Simply because he's a Nazi bastard.  I think if he gets elected I'll have to be an automotive enthusiast in a foreign country for four years. 

Now that my political rant is over - I feel better.  Haven't dealt with any stupid people today - but it is early yet.  I'm sure I will get an opportunity.


That car salesman sounded like a real sleaze bag. Ugh. Thats what I HATE about buying a car. You know the stupid bastards are gonna lie through their teeth and say whatever they can to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. I get a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it.

You are not alone in disliking Kerry. He looks like a walking corpse~ a zombie as it were. Everything about him irks me, but then I support Bush, so take that how you will. ;0)

No stupid people? My goodness! You must have had a wonderful day! Cheers!

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