Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Beer, Boneheads, and the Bachelor

No, the spring book rush didn't drive me to drinking. The other night, it was late. This really good looking girl walks in the front door. Very young, very well built, with a baby on her hip. I don't think this girl was 21 yet honestly, but I could be wrong. She comes in, and needs a book. Why else do you visit your off campus store? She had two books to sell back, both of them were old but one of them pulled up as worth $10. So she gets $10 for her new books. She said "I don't really have any money, but I have to have this book tomorrow. Is there anything I can do?" If Mike was here, I'm sure there was something she could have done but that would have been totally unofficial. She was on financial aid and on government aid, but I didn't have a way to help her. She said "Well, I have this cash card from the government but my boyfriend has it right now and I don't know where he's at tonight. I get lots of financial aid because I'm a single mom, but I only have $10 now because my boyfriend uses a lot of it." At this point I'm not sure if I should feel bad for her, or just ask what in the hell she's thinking letting her boyfriend use her government aid. She said she'd be back when she found her boyfriend and got the financial aid thing figured out. Still parked in front of our store, she goes to Habib's next door, gets a case of PBR, then puts the baby back in the car and heads off. Seriously, if money is that much of a priority do you really need PBR? I would think not, but looks like this girl has made lots of bad decisions and continues on.

So we got our share of boneheads in this semester. There are tons of stories I could tell you, but I'll spare you. Probably my favorite one was a guy that somehow decided to negotiate prices. He had an old edition and decided he wanted $35 for it. We had plenty of them so I couldn't buy it for that because I bought it cheaper than that from the wholesalers. He argued and argued with a girl I had working for me and gave up. Then she got his new books he needed and he decided he didn't want to pay sales tax and wanted us to knock off $10 a book. I know college bookstores are perceived as a ripoff, but if I'd done that for him I would have been paying him to take these two books. Yeah, on occasions we make more than $10 a book but not these. I walk by and he's telling this girl just to ring them up and not worry about it. Just to do as he says. So I walk over and said "What's the problem?" So they fill me in. I rang up the books regular price and said "That's how much they are man." He responds with (in a very thick mexican accent) "I'm not paying that. You ring them up for this much because that's all I'm paying." I told him he could try that trick at Wal-Mart and if it worked he was welcome to come back here and I'd knock that much off. He got mad, bought one book and left. I don't think he came back for the other one, but I also don't care.

My wife makes me watch the bachelor when CSI Miami is a re-run. Personally I'd rather watch CSI Miami Reruns because they have Emily Proctor......the bachelor just can't offer that. While in the midst of this suffering I said "Honey, do you know who I'd really like to see on the bachelor?" She had no idea where I was going with this so I said (with honestly no offense to Tiffany) "Mike. Mike would be awesome to watch on the bachelor. It would be fun because you know that part where they bring in friends to interview the girls? We'd get to do that." Most of you have read Mike's post so I can imagine him on the Bachelor handing out roses and girls saying "Why didn't you pick me?" I would give up watching a few episodes of CSI Miami for that.


Good to hear that your still alive and kicking and you haven't been put in Jail for smacking someone up side the head with one of those books you sell!

I never did get into CSI Miami, but I really like the original. Gorjia Fox is pretty good looking and I have to admit that the older lady can be hot as well, but she's getting to skinny for my tastes.

And from what little I know about Mike, if he was on the Bachelor it would probably have some X rated rating!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 11:04 AM  
Mike on the bachelor would be hilarious. I can see him right now ridiculing the girls he doesn't like. I would have a blast just watching them film that.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:45 PM  
Hehe Patrick no offense taking. Mike would be like want a rose tonight? Get on your knees and work for it :) Tiffany
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:27 PM  
Get on your knees and work for it

posted by Blogger Jenn at 9:58 PM  
Yeah, that sounds exactly like something he would say. I can just see him dangling a rose over some girls head going "Is that the best you can do? No rose for you tonight bitch."
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:18 PM  
Tiffany...you are so right. That is exactly what he'd say. That is why I told Patrick that ABC would never pick him for something like that. Although it would be quite funny to see.
posted by Blogger Jen at 9:56 AM  
Cool Blog, Dude! I luv the customization... you gotta share someday.

I like your choice of mentors too!

I will be watching...

Check out my interests as well. I planning on creating another blog about "Wassup with my TV", truly inspired by Emily Proctor and the like...

posted by Blogger mmasters at 12:54 PM  
as promised... here's my TV Blues blog... http://tvblues.blogspot.com.

PS: Sorry about the 2.5mb file-- get Broadband!

posted by Blogger mmasters at 2:34 PM  

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