Thursday, January 05, 2006


It's late and I've got a really long day at work tomorrow, but I stayed up to watch the National Championship game. I would like to be the first to blog that USC has lost...and showed their true colors. Matt Leinart, supposed to be a class act, showed the entire nation that he's a little bitch. I don't care how good of a football player he is, he's a bitch, and tonight he's a loser. His post game quote "I still think we're the better team here tonight, they just made some good plays at the end." Matt, if you were the better team it wouldn't have come down to good plays for the other team at the end. You were outplayed and certainly outclassed by Vince Young, Coach Mack, and the Texas Longhorns. USC's day has been coming. They technically lost to Notre Dame this year, but Pete Carroll wanted a do-over and got it. Sorry guys, looks like you get to cry your way all the way back to Southern California with a Texas Longhorn shoved in your ass because there will be no do-over tonight. I'm glad USC lost, I just wish they'd lost by 500 points instead of three. Either way, they lost. In closing, I'll for sure have to say - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and Hook 'em Horns.


We didn't watch, but I know J will be glad to hear that USC lost. He's griped all season about how overrated they are and how if they had a schedule with more SEC teams they'd never have been number one. Good to hear.
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Yeah, I do think they're overrated and they were well due for a loss. Especially after that crap with Notre Dame. I'm still a little horse from last night because of it, but I'm glad to see they lost. I hope they don't win another game for at least two years.
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I'm not that big of fan of College Ball (unless it's my Montana Grizzlies, which don't have to worry about this BCS crap), but I'm glad to see that USC lost. Time for someone new to come in an reign for awhile. I always hate it when someone goes on a winning streak like that and gets cocky. you need to remain humble. Hopefully the Colts won't get that way and can make a run to the super bowl. I'm picking Colts vs Seahawks.
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I'm an Auburn fan, but we don't have the fanbase like USC that would get us a shot at the national title. We would have lost last year, but I think we would have played a better game than Oklafrickinhoma did.

I'll go with that pick of Colts and Seahawks. That would be a good game to watch.
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I didn't know that it had run over. Greg had to tivo "sex and the city" to get the last three minutes. I was at Syrianna and did not know this. I deleted SATC. My husband now hates me.
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