Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another birthday

Well this makes case you were wondering. The birthday was good, I got a lot of good stuff and had a pretty good birthday party. I did manage to burn the food on our Sunday afternoon cookout so the only really good part of it was what my hot wife made and the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. It was good...really good. As the matter of fact we've still got enough leftover for another couple of nights. Not much else is going on. I've meant to blog like nine times this week but I've just been too busy. The only funny story I have to report is me losing my temper with a woman on her cell phone at the ball game the other night. We were pulling in to the parking lot and making a right turn...where we had the right of way. This woman on her cell phone in a piece of crap mid 80's Taurus just drove through the intersection and almost hit my wifes car. If we'd been in the Jeep, we would have had a wreck...and it would have hurt her a lot more than us. So I get out of the car and chase her in to the parking lot while I'm pretty sure my wife is hiding her head in the car. I repeatedly start punching her window screaming loud obscene things and telling her to get off the phone. I'm not sure what she thought but she was scared when a crazy screaming asshole punched her window and yelled for her to hang up and drive. She hid in the car with her doors locked until we left...she wouldn't get out when we were there. In case you were wondering she did stay on the cell phone the entire time. She's probably wondering what my problem was as she was totally oblivious to her surroundings.

Not much else happening. The Jeep of Doom is having some brake problems so it's going to the shop today. My cousin and his wife had a new baby boy on Monday and everything is going well with them. She got to come home yesterday and today said she was glad to finally get some rest. I don't have as much this week to blog as I did last week but I'll get creative again and post something worth reading soon. Have a good Thursday afternoon everyone.


Happy Birthday!!!
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Thanks Chas!
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I am so behind on my reading!

Happy Belated Bday, you!!

Insanity Infusion
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