Monday, March 27, 2006

Movie Review - Inside Man

This weekend like any other was busy as usual. Friday I got home from work early and cut the front yard because we had company coming, and because it was time. It's almost that time of year where I'll be cutting the grass once a week. I cut the grass, cleaned the garage and when my hot wife got home we went bowling with some of our new friends. We haven't bowled in a long time, so it was fun. The bowling alley had the dumbest bar policies I've ever seen. I walked up to order drinks for all of us and the girl said "Do you see this sign? It says one ID, one drink, no exceptions." I showed her my ID and said "Fine, just give me a pitcher of Miller Light." She leans on the bar and said "Do you see this sign over here that says 'no pitchers after 9:00 and it's now 9:01?" Clearly I didn't see these signs. My wife walked up and saved this woman from a very brutal tongue lashing by saying "Do you need help carrying the drinks?" If I had drinks, this would have been a great help. I still had no drinks. So I left the bar as it was my turn to bowl. I told our friends how dumb this bar was so they went up to order their own drinks. When you get ID'd here you have to wear these stupid pink bands that say you're over 21. My wife and I went back to order our drinks and I thought I'd get me and my friend a shot of tequila (my wife does not shoot tequila) and the bartender says "Yes, I can serve you a shot but you have to do it right here." I laughed and said nevermind. She goes "So what, you don't want the shot?" I said "No lady, clearly you want it more than I do." Now that we all four have our drinks and are back to bowling a security guard starts coming over and yelling "Hold ya hands up! I needs to see yos bands since uh...y'alls uh drankin." I was confused, but he stood there and yelled until we all held our hands up to show our nice pink bands. I'd visit the bar one more time to get a beer and she asked very snidely if I wanted my 25 cents in change since "I hadn't tipped her yet." My wife wasn't around so she got a mild tongue beating. "For me to tip you, you have to do something other than open a beer and be a raging bitch. I bar tended and waited tables through college and never talked to anyone the way you talked to us. If you want to make money, work at a bar that doesn't suck and stop being a bitch." I thought it best if I didn't get another drink that night.

Saturday was just some laying around the house waiting on our weekend house guest. Hooters made it down in time for dinner on Saturday night so we visited Macaroni Grill and our neighbor who is the manager there was nice enough to treat us to dinner. Trust me, as much as I like food, and like enjoying food with friends, free food is a fantastic gift. So, afterwards we saw Inside Man. It was good, quite honestly the theater was so hot I slept through a little bit of it, but I didn't miss anything. Clive Owen, and Denzel Washington were awesome in it, and Jodie Foster still has an amazing pair of legs. The rest of her was good in the movie too. The shots of her legs were almost worth the $8 admission ticket alone. It's a good heist movie, and I do love heist movies so I would recommend you see this one. It's good.

Sunday, Hooters treated us to some ice cream at Clumpy's and we showed her around downtown where they'd done all the new construction and she went home. I turned on the races as I was pretty amped up about Indy Racing kicking off this weekend. I am sorry to hear about Paul Dana as he died in a practice crash on Saturday so my prayers are certainly with his family and his team. The race was still a good show, and an intense race. I don't have a driver in that series, I just like watching it. So much in fact that I ordered tickets to the race in July and am very amped up about it. This is probably my last season watching Nascar so I'm glad I found something else to watch that will take up less time and make me less violent. In Nascar news, Dodge won again on Sunday so that makes back to back for Dodge and makes me very happy. Not much else happening on Monday other than it being cold so I hope everyone else had a great weekend.


I had a fantabulous weekend!

So you're switching from Nascar to Indy eh? Those cars are more fun. I wish Greg would kick the habit as well. He has plenty of other sports to occupy his mind!

And your yard looked GREAT! The lights were very illuminating. Now I just need to properly motivate myself!
posted by Blogger Jenn at 10:37 AM  
After you left, we bought more lights for the other flower bed. It's sad how this stuff excites me now. I was so amped up about it I almost put them in last night. I'll probably leave early and do that today.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 10:38 AM  
No more NASCAR? What's up with that?

So is Inside Man worth going to the theatre and is it an "inside woman" instead of man? :) if your sleeping at the movie I can't imagine it's that good!

As for mowing the lawn...I still have a few weeks left before that happens for us. did get some yard work done this weekend...and now it's cold and rainy...I wish spring would get here!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 9:25 PM  
Nascar is taking away any form of brand identity. They're going to this Car of Tomorrow, and a common engine so really, the manufacturers will have less to do with it. It will just be stickers on 43 identical cars with very little adjustments. I'm a Dodge man so I pull for just about anyone in a Dodge. Once they take the brands away, I won't really see the point.

Inside Man is good, I can't tell you too much about it. I was dozing off because the theater was insanely hot and I'd had a glass of wine with dinner.

I probably should have cut the back yard last night because it's getting kind of tall but I haven't done it yet. Maybe tonight, we'll see.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 2:20 PM  

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