Monday, April 03, 2006

Get Real

I just got off the phone with my previous employer. It seems the ass clown that took over my job lost their eBay password. They got an e-mail this morning saying that the password had been changed and needed my pet's name to get the e-mail for the hint question. I told them what it was and it e-mailed the password to my old e-mail address. They should have the password to that because it was changed when I left the building. Seriously, this is a group of people that when I turned in my notice only made me work seven days because if I'd stayed the full two weeks they would have had to pay me for another holiday, and they would have had to disperse my yearly retirement which they did on July 1st. So, just to let everyone know what total asses they were when I left, they didn't want to have to spend the money to disperse the .05 percent (no, it's not five percent, it's .05 because that was all they contributed) of last years income to my IRA, and didn't want to pay me for a holiday. This is a company that makes a half a million dollars in profit on their freight costs alone. When I left I'd done $1.5 million in sales with a 52 percent profit margin, shattered the record from the previous year with an unheard of $2.2 million (previously $1.1mil was the record) and was probably going to break 3 million last year. My profits alone could have paid everyones salaries on the sales floor and given them at least a 50 percent raise. When I asked for a raise before I left, they said it would be too hard to do. They said getting a raise before I spent six weeks on the road away from my hot wife was too much trouble. Not only that, because I left I'm looked at as a traitor to the company. They can't imagine why anyone would leave and not help the upper management get more and more rich. Anyway, they called this morning because their eBay password had been changed. They honestly asked "Did you do this as a joke on us? Do you just not have anything to do so you're playing games with us?" I was probably more polite than I should have been, so I just said no and helped them get it. Then they said "Are you just this bored that changing our password is funny to you?" That pissed me off so I said "Look. I might still know the eBay password but changing it isn't my idea of taking a jab at the company. If I really wanted to do something to mess with you guys, I could. I know all about how you treat people, how your products are made, where they're made, the lies you programmed us to tell so we could sell more of them, and all that crap. I'm a member of 200 internet forums that all knew me as your rep, and I still get e-mails and PM's from those guys with questions that I still know how to answer. If I really wanted to take a jab at you, I could do it that way and leave you to put out the fire the way I used to for the company." They responded with a "We'd sue you for that." "Ha! You can't sue me for telling the truth. Seriously, I've got a lot to do today, and a lot on my plate. Enough that changing your passwords never crossed my mind. Not even a little bit, but I'm glad we could take this time to catch up." Then I hung up. They didn't call back. I hope they never do.


LOL...I've gotten myself out of a similar position at the company I work at. I know at one point if I would have left I would have been inundated with phone calls about what was what. But to not have changed the password after 9 months...WOW...that's horrible.
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Yeah, they called today to get my old e-mail address password because they (don't know their head from their ass) don't have it. Hate to tell them but that address has been deleted. What retards.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 12:10 PM  

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