Thursday, March 30, 2006


That's not what I'm benching these days. That's what number post we're on. I can't believe I've been posting for this long, or that I've reached 285 posts. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around thus far. Hopefully I can be as entertaining for anotehr 285 posts as I was (or wasn't) for the first 285. Not much happening here. Been listening to Sirius Hits One to see what new music is out and what is popular these days. Other than the new Shakira song, there isn't much out there that I like. Yeah, I like Shakira not only because her ass is a work of art, but she can sing. Anyway, they've been doing a really funny thing lately that they call Beep...and it has nothing to do with the Pussy Cat Dolls. They take a song and bleep out the lyrics so it makes it sound like they're saying something dirty. The one today was really funny. They did some Avril Lavigne song and they changed it to "isn't anyone trying to *bleep* me." It was funny. Mike introduced me to some new videos last night on You They're the new(ish) Volkswagen commercials about un-pimping your ride and they are seriously funny. In case you don't get to see them the commercial star Peter Stormare from Armageddon, and Bad Boys 2. He's swedish but typically plays a Russian in his more noteable roles. In the commercials, he's German, and representing for V-Dub unpimping the stupidest looking rides I've ever. The commercials are funny. I laughed my ass off.

Outside of that, there is nothing to report. Still keeping our fingers crossed for Chas and J and hope we hear something soon. Check out my wifes blog. She blogged about our Wal-Mart trip this weekend where a Wally World employee refused to speak English when we were looking for Moth Balls. I could blog about it, but I'd just get mad again at a strange Asian man that was chewing gum (smacking is really more like it) and followed me around not helping at all. It was like he mad a consorted effort not to help but pointed to a cashier who was ringing people up and slurped that she could. Yes...I said slurped so not only was he not speaking english, he was slurping the massive amount of chewing gum in his mouth...and still not helping. Sorry...I hope everyone else is looking forward to Friday as much as I am.


It SHOULD be what you're benching.
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