Friday, April 28, 2006

Product Reviews

Believe it or not we haven't had much time to watch movies with the wife studying for finals and doing group projects. I did however make a couple of purchases that I thought I'd review instead. It's part of my anger management...reviewing things in a nice way.

First up - Chaco's. I usually wear out a pear of shoes or a pair of sandals every year. My last pair of Teva's lasted close to six years and I can still wear them I just got a new pair for summer time in the Jeep this year. I bought Chaco Zong's and I feel appropriately hippy like for having them. They're comfortable, except that they don't have a heel strap. If I had them to buy over again I'd make sure I got a heel strap. I'm still getting used to them, but I don't get tired from standing up in them which is odd. They say they're the only shoe on the market recommended by the American Podiatric Association. I walked through Lowe's the other day in them and didn't get tired of standing on the floor or walking around there like I normally do. So, if you need shoes that are supposedly good for your feet, and are comfortable and apparently the in thing to do, Chaco's make a good sandle for summer.

Next up - Extreme Moose tracks. Yes, for those of us that like Moose Tracks but need enough chocolate in one sitting to put you in cardiac arrest, Mayfield has answered the call. I try to keep my deserts and sweets to a minimum but I had to try this. It's chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces, fudge swirls, and peanut butter cups. Seriously, I could eat this for I've heard.

Finally - Coca Cola Blak. We gave up Soda's for Lent this year and it wasn't that hard. Then walking through the store we see this new product called Coca Cola Blak that is Coke's answer to energy drinks it looks like. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but it's pretty good. Probably the best way to describe it is Coffee+Coke=Blak. It's got a coke taste, but really it tastes like there is coffee or heroin or something in it like that. Once Lent ended we bought a four pack and tried it out. I like it, maybe I'm not describing in a way that would make you want to try it but if you see it at the store and it's on sale, it's worth trying. If you're a big coke fan, and a big coffee fan, I would say jump on it.

Not much else happening. I'm learning a lot at the store this week and making good progress. I can see the empire of Raul's bookstores starting to form on the horizon. That's the goal anyway. As for the weekend, it looks busy. The wifes car is getting new shoes, and it needs an oil change and a radiator flush. The wife should be studing all weekend so maybe after getting the horse re-shoed I can get some of it done this weekend...and maybe grille a pizza again. Have a good weekend everybody.


Hey if we move to a town that has a university or 2, I maybe looking you up for advice. maybe I can join your empire or you can just give me lots of advice. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't really like sitting behind a desk. My other option that I'm thinking about is opening a gym. We'll see how far we get on either one.
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Not sure what kind of advice I could give you on opening a gym, other than make sure it doesn't suck. Shoot yeah, if you open a bookstore I'll be more than happy to help you out. You'll find that independant bookstores really take care of each other. Just do it, then think about the decision months later. That's what I did.
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mmm grilled pizza... I mean.

I have a pair of tevas that are made like the chacos. $20 and they feel like Im walking on air. This is my second pair. My first got worn out in two years due to the pregnancy weight. Yes. I wore them from August through April. Snow or shine. I heart Teva.
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