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So if I haven't run everyone off with my Christmas rantings, I've got a question for all those still around. The Jeep of Doom is approaching it's end, and pretty fast. Currently the wife and I are deciding between all other things that we have going on this holiday season what to do. Our options are no different than anyone else's but I figure I can always turn to my blogger friends for some helpful advice. So here we go.

The options are simple.

Option One - The Jeep of doom can get a new engine and I can drive it for three to five more years. It's paid for so provided nothing else happens to it over the course of three to five more years that seems like a decent investment. But, what if something else happens this time next year that's a major fix? Then what?

Option Two - Upgrade. A new set of wheels for Raul might just be in order. We had hoped to wait until Summer to make a change, but I have a feeling it's going to hit here in the next few weeks and we won't have a choice once I get to make the "I'm stuck on the side of the road" call. So option Two A is to keep the Jeep, leave it on the back burner and have it as a spare. Fix it next year or something after we've put money aside for it. Have a spare summer vehicle that Tumbler will enjoy riding in, and Raul gets......a new Dodge Charger SRT-8. Why get the top of the line? Well, if I'm going to have this car for seven years like I did this one, I want it to handle well, and be really fast. When Dad had his heart attack I was 50 miles away in a Jeep that really didn't like running 90mph. Making a trip to get to Dad or to any family member in my current Jeep is going to take time. Given, you can pass people on shoulders and in the grass but the Jeep is far from being a vehicle to get you somewhere in a hurry. But the Charger would have four doors so it's way more practical than anything we have now. It would either be black, red, or silver. Did I mention fast? Yeah, a 6.1L Hemi with 425HP is a nice place to start. Lots of creature comforts, and a very comfortable ride.

Option Two B. Can the current Jeep. Either sell it for what we can get out of it, or give it to my cousin who turns 16 in January and let him put an engine in it. It might be a good starter car for him, and since he lives in Florida he'd probably enjoy it. What 16 year old kid wouldn't enjoy one? Yes, that is generous but I don't think the wife will let me do that. But I think it would be nice. Mostly because he probably won't ever have a car that nice. But it would make a good starter car for him I think. Anyway, option two b would be all of that plus....

A fully upgraded Jeep built specifically for Raul. A 2007 Four door Wrangler with enough back seat room to ride to Florida in comfortably, and a 5.7 Hemi powerplant. Can come with up to 37 inch tires, still has plenty of creature comforts (did I mention it's got a Hemi?) and room for Tumbler to hop in the back when he arrives. Pretty much it's a full out modified Jeep with nothing really left to do...well, I'm sure the engine could use a blower to double it's horsepower but that would have to come later. It would also be an automatic, not particularly fast but probably wouldn't protest interstate speeds like the current Jeep does.

Anyway, those are the two options. Option three I think I've taken off the table. I was going to buy a cheap car for a couple thousand just to drive to and from work but the cheap cars I want have somehow appreciated in value to the point that I'd be better off buying a new car.

Okay, blogger friends...lets have some feedback here. Which would you choose? As far as money goes they're close enough in price that it doesn't matter all that much. The Jeep would be new, the Charger would be used. So let's have it.


Well, I am not a big fan of either... I hate having a car payment, so I would go with buying a cheap car and drive it back and forth to work since you have to drive a long distance and why put that many miles on a new car per day? That's just my opinion... cause once you get it paid off the mileage will be high and you might have to get another one anyway...
posted by Anonymous Tiffany at 11:11 AM  
And chargers are really FUGLY!

Yours Truly,
The Rest of the World
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 1:25 PM  
It's been a busy week...but now that it's the weekend and I'm sitting here freezing my ass off I thought I'd give you my opinion. In your situation I'd have to go with the Charger. At first I thought they looked ugly, but after awhile they kind of grew on me. Kind of like the new Mustang. Speaking of Mustang...if I was half the man that Angelina Jolie was in Gone in 60 Seconds I would have swiped the Ford GT that was in my neighbors driveway last week. Sweat looking car. Probably doesn't do jack in the winter, but 500hp's got to be good for something.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 8:34 AM  
OK, we obviously have different taste in vehicles, but I'll give my opinion anyway. I HATE the Charger; everytime I pass one on the road I think "GAH, that's an ugly car"...kind of the same thing I did when the PT Cruiser first came out. BUT, you like it and that's what really matters. Generally, I don't like Jeeps either, but I actually like the new ones. I saw a commercial a few days ago and actually noticed that they looked nicer than in the past. With all that said, I'd go with option 1. Start saving the money you would be paying on a car payment every month and that way when you have to buy a new car you can pay cash for it.
posted by Blogger Chas at 8:54 PM  
Tiffany - I've honestly never been concerned about keeping mileage down because I guess I buy a car to drive and not as an investment really.

Mike - Thanks. If I get an SRT-8 Charger you know you will want to drive it.

Chris - I do like the Charger and it may win out because it might be cheaper than the Hemi Jeep.

Chas - It does sound like we have different taste in vehicles. They drive nice, they're roomy, practical, and with 425HP they've got to be a lot of fun. The new Jeeps are cool, but the engine they have from the factory is not near sufficient. It's a mini-van motor and is generally lame. Buying one with a Hemi would be nice and I think might suit my uses and tastes a little better.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 9:33 AM  
I vote charger. And I get a ride in it!

This comment is brought to you by the dumb blonde that went to beta blogger and now can't comment.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 7:55 PM  
I'll bet that Charger drinks the gas. To get a taste of what it would feel like when you're paying at the pump, you can ask a buddy to come over and stomp on your nuts about five times.

But a 6.2 Liter Hemi would be a blast to drive to work every day. So I guess it comes down to the "pay at the pump nut stomping" vs "fun to drive".
posted by Blogger Rob at 11:31 PM  
Actually for those of you who commented on gas mileage, the Charger gets the best of all of the vehicles mentioned. I actually calculated how much more we would spend annually based on the choices. The charger would be best on gas and only slightly more than a Jeep on insurance. Other than the price of the car, it is the most economical.
posted by Blogger Jen at 10:23 AM  
Stomped in the nuts? Actually the 6.1's get about 25 on the highway so they say. It would have to be better than the 16-18 the Jeep gets on the highway. The 5.7's have a new multi-displacement system that drops four cyl's when running on the highway and they claim you can get 25-35mpg with that. Not bad for a 345HP car. But...I'm still to young to care that much and the 425HP bad ass Charger has to be the one to go with. Besides...Jenn wanted a ride in that one, the Jeep she didn't much seem to care for.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 6:24 PM  

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