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Voting and Dog Names

So it's voting day in TN. Know what that means? Tomorrow when I watch my TV shows I don't have to see every single commercial telling me that the other candidate is evil. THEY'RE BOTH EVIL! Anyway, exercise your right to vote. Vote for the candidate that made you laugh the most or had the best commercials because no one knows what they really stand for. Enough about that.

So the wife and I have talked about getting a dog. A BIG dog. Actually the decision came quickly. We've talked on and off about getting a dog for a while since most of our friends have them, and we both like dogs. I had to go to a store in the mall the other day. They might not appreciate being mentioned on the blog, but lets just say the name rhymes with Radio Snack. In the mall there is a pet store. One where I would never buy a pet from because they just seem cruel. Anyway, there was a dog in there I didn't recognize but looked somewhat unique. It was a Bullmastiff. If you've never heard of them, they look like this full grown...

Yeah, a big dog. I think they're around 27 inches tall at the shoulders and can weigh up to 130lbs. Originally they were bred to keep poachers off of private land in England. They're big and forceful but won't maul the attackers. They're 60 percent English Mastiff and 40 percent Bulldog. Either way, I like them. Bad habits and all. So we've been trying to figure out a name. I've come up with a lot, and Hemi is already taken by a dog at my parents house. So, anybody got any suggestions? My personal favorite was Hammer, but the wife and neighbors quickly told me I was gay and I was vetoed. Under further consideration are the following - Achilles (a Raul Fav), Porter, Flash, Argus, Thor, Morgan (as in the rum), Indy (after the movie and my now favorite racing series), Lucius, Wedge, Hero (another Raul Fav), and my hot wife likes Mufasa, Simba, Merlin, Sway, Tumbler, Atley, Brinley, Castillo, Barton, and Jameson. I would choose something like Neo, or Sway but I think Neo sounds too much like NO, and Sway might sound like Stay to a dog so they might just be confused. Morpheus would sound dumb calling for him in the back yard. Among the taken names are Strider and Loki (thanks to the rumrunners), and my personal favorite Hemi. I don't know. It's a big topic of discussion in the house currently and we're still undecided on the dog thing. So, blogger friends...if you've got any good manly dog names please throw them our way.


Bad idea if you're going to have kids.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 12:34 AM  
We've been looking for dogs as well and Bullmastiff has been at the top of the list. As well as Rotties. We have yet to fully decide, but I think we are pretty close. Just a matter of sitting down and deciding what we want to do.

As for a manly name. How about Zeus? Or Thunder? I'll see if I can come up with some others.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 7:39 AM  
Hooters - I was starting to wonder about you since I hadn't heard from you in so long. Actually the Bullmastiff breed is supposed to be really good with kids once they reach two years old. As puppies they say they're a little rowdy for small children and can knock them down without meaning to, but in general they like kids. I think this puppy will be past two years old when we have kids.

Chris - thought about Zeus, but hadn't considered Thunder. I think I'm starting to like Wedge more and more. Especially since Hammer got vetoed.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 9:01 AM  
Wedge? What's that from?

Is the dog going to go to the bookstore with you? If so how about Biblos? I think that's greek for book or something like that. Silly I know but I was thinking about it while at work today (anything to get away from work).

From the research I've done Bullmastiffs are pretty good around pets and kids. They were originally bred to scare Poachers in the UK. Not meant to hurt just be silent and sneak up on people and scare the hell out of them. :)
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 7:47 PM  
Wedge has two references. First the Star Wars reference. Wedge was one of Luke's friends and was with him when they blew up the death star. Second, it's an engine reference. All non-hemi Mopar engines of the 60's and 70's are called Wedge motors.

Yes, they were originally bred to catch poachers. They were also bred in the brindle color because it was night camoflauge for them. When the demand rose they stopped just breeding the dark color and bred them all. Supposedly they trap but don't maul. I think it's going to be a cool pet and I can't wait to go this weekend to meet some of them.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 10:03 AM  
Are we helping you name a dog you don't even have yet? Or did you already get it? I'm guessing it's a boy. How about Bruiser?? I had a boxer and that was his name. I had another boxer and his name was Brutus. Make it a tough name, either way. I had a friend who had a big dog named "Mad Dog". I always liked that one too.
posted by Blogger Chas at 8:30 PM  
No, we don't have it yet. We just need to narrow down the list of names to something tough for a big manly dog. Good to hear from you Chas...and oh yeah, you haven't run off all your guy readers. I still read.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 8:39 AM  
That's good to know...I'll try to warn you if I'm going to post about anything too grossly girl :).
posted by Blogger Chas at 11:16 PM  
Wedge sounds like Weg. Ask Jen about that one.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth yet, but this working mom stuff is frakin hard.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 6:35 PM  
hey, the dog is really majestic!!

And hey, wat about giving it a name!!try out now!!!!
posted by Blogger Justin at 1:34 AM  
I like Patton. as in General Patton. Zuess and Achilies are pretty cool.(sp?)
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 6:45 AM  

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