Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bob gets the message

Apparently I wasn't the only one that was irate with Jihadist Bob Kearns. This story hit the AP today. It would seem that Bob and the rest of the now unfired committee have decided that a wreath shaped like a peace sign is an okay thing at Christmas. Imagine that Bob. Also, Bob and the other committee members of their terrorist regime in their neighborhood in Denver had their numbers changed to unlisted numbers yesterday afternoon. I have to admit I thought about giving Jihad Bob a call but decided against it. I can only hope someone read this blog and he was greeted this morning by a huge steaming stinking pile of dog shit that covered his entire driveway. Or maybe this was Bob's plan all along, get the attention of the public in their little neighborhood, raise a huge fuss, then say it's only a misunderstanding and she can keep her wreath. Obviously she wasn't waiting on your permission Bob. Amazingly Bob the Terrorist won't do interviews with the Associated Press. Could it be that America now views him as a symbol of satan? Or could it be that his reign of terror over their subdivision has ended? Ahh...Bob if only you knew the anger that is going to get taken out on the homeowners association president in mom and dad's neighborhood because of you. Perhaps you two should start a support group for middle aged assholes with too much time on their hands? At any rate, Bob the Terrorist is currently no longer a threat in Denver so I apologize if I've offended anyone in my rantings the last couple of days.


I have a friend that is moving to Colordo in a couple of weeks and he said he was going to put peace wreaths all over his car and drive through that neighborhood lol....
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