Friday, March 30, 2007

Finding Motivation

I had an entire finding motivation post drawn up the other day, but I canned it because today I was faced with a new obstacle. I know that part of finding the motivation to do anything is overcoming various obstacles. Some times it is easier to stay in bed than it is to go work out, or be productive, or cut grass. Watching 300 was great motivation to work out. I started reading The Book of Arnold again, finding new workouts, all new ways to get sore, and I was on a role. I was getting more done at work, making headway on lots of things, and even started changing the layout of the store a little. I even started getting more motivated about my lawn. Well, I called Scotts and a local company to see if they could make it greener and actually have more grass than weeds. I was feeling pretty pumped. So I get up early because today is trash day, gather up all the trash, make a lunch, pack a protein shake, large jug of water, and a change of clothes. I arrive at the gym after tons of traffic delays still trying to stay pumped. I've even got some vintage Prodigy in the MP3 player (no, I'm not trendy enough to have an iPod). The gym is closed. Not because I'm early mind you. They are closed down. With a note that says I can still use their facility on the other side of town. Nice. Now I have a lot to overcome. A new facility, and a contract cancellation. Seriously, as if finding motivation to not be an overweight tub of shit wasn't hard enough now I probably have to fight with these assholes about why I should be allowed to cancel or something. Since everyone still reads this blog (I'm down to two hits a day I think with one of them being me) I'll keep you all updated.

I guess that's it for now. Not much happening this weekend save for hanging some drywall at the rumrunners house. I guess I really am getting old because home improvement projects are really starting to interest me. So far a fence is up and deck plans have been drawn out. Hopefully by the end of the season I'll have almost as bitchin of a lawn as my neighbor has and a killer deck to smoke lots and lots of ribs on. So if you're in the neighborhood stop by.


You said you needed some motivation. So here you go.

Did this workout this week ( ) in 6:49. Think you can beat it? I guarantee you that you'll be huffing and puffing after doing this one! Instead of a sand bag I used 20lb dumbbells that I cleaned and pressed. And when you're all done...that's all you need to do. Can do it at home if you've got the dumbbells.

After I'm done with this phase of power lifting or whatever you want to call it I'm going to be doing more types of these workouts (probably a couple of times a week) in addition to weights to see if I can get rid of some of this flab off! I'd like to finally get down to low double digits...never been there so now is the time.

Also check out this site: there's some pretty cool videos on there that make you realize how much of a pussy you are. There's 2 or 3 girls on there that are smoking hot...and could probably throw both you and I around like we were rag dolls...and they don't look like guys!

Any how if you need more motivation let me know!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:17 AM  
That's too bad about your gym...maybe you should try THE RUSH :)....all the popular people are doing it.
posted by Blogger Chas at 6:59 PM  
Chris - you wanna move here? I could use a workout partner to do something like this. Just need the space and hopefully I can get started. Maybe we can compare via e-mail if we can both get in to it.

Chas - I've heard that...guess I should consider it huh?
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:03 AM  

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