Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Movie Reviews

So did everyone watch the Oscars? I hope so. We did, but I think this was a sad year for critically acclaimed movies. I almost never agree with critics and still maintain that new award categories should be Best Actress in a Topless Scene, Best High Speed Car Chase, Best Explosion, and Best Action Flic. That's just me. I think considering it's competition, The Departed was a good pick for Best Picture. This Mondays Movie Reviews will be a rundown of the two other Best Picture Nominees we watched this weekend.

Babel - Not a horrible movie, but not great. To me it seemed like the writers saw Crash and said "We can do that. Only let's spread it out further." I think last night the director said it was supposed to be about how communication is lost over different cultures. To say the least he didn't really communicate that message to me. From the deaf volleyball girls in Tokyo that get messed up on Ecstacy, to the kids in Morroco firing an M70 at Jackals to protect their goats, I was lost. It really is pretty similar to Crash without the racism, and of course spread out over the globe. I wasn't as violently opposed to it as some of our friends that watched it with us were, but I wouldn't call this the best movie I've seen this year. I think X-3 should have gotten an Oscar Nod before this one did...but that goes back to me and my awards. Anyway, not sure what to tell you on this one. It's two and a half hours of your life and one naked Japanese girl (that trust me you can live without seeing) on the table with this one. I probably won't ever watch it again, but that's me.

Little Miss Sunshine - I don't know how honest my review is since I slept through part of it. Hey, it was a long day in the basement finishing the dog house, and the wine and bitchin home made Ravioli my hot wife made started to take it's toll. That and the movie wasn't very interesting. At an hour and 40 minutes it couldn't keep my attention. Not sure why, but it was slow. From Alan Arkin doing blow to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant I just wasn't in to it. For guys, watching that beauty pageant can make you feel dirty. Seeing 10 year old girls in bikini's getting spray on tan from their cracked out moms can make you sick. It did have funny moments, some where throw backs I think to Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Vacation but that's just me. Steve Carell is pretty funny, but is way out of his normal character. The movie had it's moments but one of our friends hated this one more than he hated Babel. It's not a movie I'll likely ever watch again, but it had it's moments.

Pretty busy weekend. I'm helping the RumRunners with a few home projects and I'm finally finished with the dog house. I'll hopefully get some pictures and post them tonight. Wow...I might actually blog twice this week.


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