Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Movie Reviews

Happy Monday morning friends! Actually, this particular Monday sucks because Heroes doesn't return until April 23rd. Sorry for the break, I was on Spring Break last week so I built a fence and helped all in a basement for my neighbor. I was plagued with allergies like never before, but I did manage to get a lot done. Chain link fencing, while not the most attractive fencing on the planet, is easy. It took me and my Dad with various other friends helping out about three days to get it done and we did almost 200 feet of fencing with three gates. Not bad for a couple of non-professionals right? If you're in the area and you need fencing, give me a call. I'm all over it. So, on to Mondays Movie Reviews...

The Prestige - Not bad. When it came out in theaters, my hot wife and I and the RumRunners kept trying really hard to see it. Somehow we never made it. Then we decided we'd rent it and watch it when it came out. It's been out for a month now and we finally got to watch it last night. I wasn't near as impressed as I thought I would be. It was a good movie, and I really can't tell you much about it without giving it away. I think it could have been better, but it was enjoyable to say the least. Worth a rental, but now I'm glad I didn't pay $8.50 to see it on the big screen. Christian Bale might be one of the best actors in Hollywood, if not the best. I mean, he is after all Batman. Hugh Jackman, and the smoking hot Scarlett Johansson co-star. Again, well worth a rental as it isn't bad, but not really what I was expecting.

300 -

Yes. It was everything I thought it would be and then some. Go see this one, right now. Don't even read this review, just see it. This might be the best movie ever made. As the matter of fact, I can't wait for Frank Millers special edition DVD set to be in my collection. With any luck I'll see this one three or four times in the theaters. If you don't know (I feel sorry for you) but this is loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae. Frank Miller was inspired by the 1962 movie The 300 Spartans. Miller and Director Zack Snyder changed part of the fighting styles and apparel for the Spartans to make it look better on film and make for a better movie. So, it's not a real historical epic, but it's damn good. King Leonidas (masterfully portrayed by Gerard Butler) and Sparta's 300 best soldiers journey to the coast to fend off the Persian Empire. I won't tell you the story in case you don't know, but damn this movie is good. Full of Action and Eye Candy for everyone in a style that only Frank Miller can deliver.

Co-stars the insane hotness that is Lena Heady as Queen Gorgo, Dominic West as the bad guy that you really want to see die in a horrible way, and a plethera of other actors, all fantastic in their roles. I like this movie better than I liked the Matrix. It was that good. My hot wife was drug along for this one because I didn't think she should miss it, and even she enjoyed it as well she should have.

That's it for Mondays movie reviews. No Heroes tonight, but it's a good time to go see 300 right? Yes...go see it.


300 was a good movie. For all you girls out there, it is a great date movie. There is lots of blood and gut for the guys and plenty of eye candy for the women. 300 cut men in thongs and capes, for 2 hours.
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