Thursday, March 15, 2007

RumRunners Vs. Flay

Yeah, you read that right. I watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay the other night again. He's starting to warm up to me actually as he does make some pretty good food. I noticed in all the episodes that I've seen, he NEVER wins. Okay, in the hell does a professional chef like Flay lose to a backwoods cook? He doesn't. This is clearly punishment from the higher ups at Food Network for being an asshole, but honestly I have to side with Flay on this one. So...


I officially dared Flay to bring his bad self down to the RumRunners lair and take us on. The FireFighter and The Human Torch vs. The Lean Mean Grilling Machine. We figured if these backwoods idiots and their meatloaf can beat Flay, we'll own him. We might even go as far as to challenge him on Iron Chef, but I have a feeling that they'd call the amount of Captain that we use in our food would be an unfair advantage. Either way, the Throwdown challenge has been issued and Flay has a decision to make. Accept the RumRunners Challenge, or accept the ridicule that will surely follow.

Who would win the RumRunners Challenge?
Bobby Flay
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