Thursday, July 22, 2004

Morons, and bank tellers - not one in the same in this case.

So, I go to the bank this morning just like any other guy would making a deposit.  Not much going on, but I've got some checks and some cash I'm putting in and the next thing I see is a crazy old man leaning on me.  When I say leaning on me, I don't mean he was standing next to me, I mean he was trying to push me out of the way.  Seeing as this guy weighed 90 lbs, he wasn't having much success.  He looked straight at the teller and said "Hey there pretty lady - you want me to clean out them drawers for ya agin?"  So I pushed him off of me and told him I didn't care how old he was, if he ever walked up on me while I was depositing money he would get his ass beat in front of the teller.  Still not looking at me, he wandered toward the coffee pot.  The teller was biting her toungue to keep from laughing.  I asked her if she thought that was amusing after the steam had stopped pouring from my ears, and she said "well, we actually did get robbed during Christmas and I was the teller that was held at gun point.  For some reason, he thinks its funny to come in here every morning and ask me if I want my drawers cleaned out.  I think what you just did may put a stop to him."  Now, I didn't mean to offend this old man, but now everyone at the bank knows who I am because I'm the young guy that made that crazy old fart stop heckling them about being robbed.  I did always want to be a super hero, but I thought it would come with some kind of special powers - still no special powers to date. 

Honestly, when you go into a bank - do you go lean on people you don't know?  I really almost knocked an old man on his ass this morning just after breakfast!  To make things worse, he had a John Kerry sticker on his car.  I asked him if John Kerry would have approved the ass beating he almost got for cutting in between me and my transaction and he didn't know.  Funny - I doubt John Kerry would have either.


Just the fact that he was leaning on you was weird enough in itself. Maybe next time you should use the drive through.
posted by Blogger Chas at 10:01 PM  
I had thought about that. I can't believe it never registered to him that trying get in between someone and their money would be an okay thing to do.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:05 AM  
He invaded your personal bubble? How rude! Not smart to lean on people with money in their hands. Its a good way to get a whoopin'. Stupid old guy! lol

posted by Blogger Good Wife at 11:43 AM  

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