Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The day after Election Night.

Well, I stayed up until almost 3:30 last night to see what was going to happen. I did drift in and out of sleep for most of that, but I stayed up with what was going on. I also heard a lady last night around 1:00 that said she'd been reading a lot of Blogs and people were "ranting" about which candidate to vote for. I seriously doubt mine came up on the radar screen, but I laughed just the same.

I stole the following from Chastity, who borrowed it from somewhere else. At any rate, I thought it was cool.


1. When did you register to vote and what compelled you to do so? Well, I didn't get to vote in my first election. My mom kept me from voting because one of my favorite Nascar drivers said "Vote for Bob Dole" in Victory lane. I registered before the 2000 election - probably a few months before. My mom didn't know I'd registered and is now in denial about my first election.

2. Did you vote early (if your state offers this) or are you voting on election day? I voted on election day bright and early.

3. Do you truly believe your vote counts or are you not convinced that "every vote counts"? I'd like to think my vote counts, but some days who knows. I'll go with a yes on this one.

4. Did you make up your mind about what candidate to vote for a while back or within the last two weeks? Hasn't changed since 2000 and I imagine everyone here knows who it is...

5. Compared to your parents' views, are you voting the same as or different from them? My Dad and I usually see eye to eye, but my Mom, and my Sister and I differ. To each their own I guess, but the Republican party has always supported things for Automotive Enthusiasts like myself, and don't favor the Gun Control laws that the Democrats do. Basically I look at what affects both sides of my family - where my mom and sister get their views is anyone's guess.

Found at Tuesday Twosome.

Hopefully we'll have a decided winner before I go to lunch. I know both sides want to win, and I can see that. Realistically though, we don't need to be looked at around the world as a joke on election day. We should move forward no matter who it is.


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