Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Garbage day, and the mutant jumping ants.

Well, as with every Tuesday it's garbage day. Today I was outside washing the Jeep and doing some minor routine maintenance (gotta keep 35psi in all four tires to keep the gas mileage up) when he came by. As usual, he started to pull off while he still had the can in the air and then he saw me watching. So he stops, sets the can down, looks over and rolls his eyes then drives off. How nice. So, the good news is, no can in the ditch for the first time in weeks.

We were watching the end of The Life of David Gale last night. The end turned out to be good, so this concludes my movie review. I wouldn't buy it because it isn't something you'll watch over and over, but it's a good movie. Anyway, our house has always been plagued with these massive mutant ants. A call to the landlord after we moved in proved he'd always known about it. His solution was stuffing some ant killer in the screen door while we were gone. Nice. The neighbors have it worse than we do, and I think they've just accepted having them in the house. Well, these things are huge. The one I squashed last night could stretch the diameter of a quarter. For an ant, I think that's big. So he's walking down the armrest of the couch when I see him, as he's by my wifes head. I reach over to smash it and he literally jumps from the arm to the cushion. What the heck kind of ant can jump twice it's body lenght??? It had to be a mutant because I can't say I've ever had to hit an ant with a shoe three times to kill it. This wasn't a flip flop (though that should certainly do the job) so I was a bit shocked.

Anyway, we'll be moving soon so I hope the mutant ants don't hide out in our stuff - that would be bad.


Your mutant ants sound like my mutant spiders. No amount of Raid or Terminex seems to make the little buggers disappear. I can't wait til I own my house and I can get my Uncle Paul out. NO BUGS survive my Uncle Paul. If you need any help with your new pad let me know. He can always stop by when he does my Grandmothers house in Shadow Ridge.


PS~ Piss on the garbage man, you won't have to see him ever again once you move. Unless he comes to pimp up his ride!!

PP~ When I said piss on him, I didn't mean it literally, just you know in the "forget him" way.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 10:54 AM  
And here I was trying to figure out how to urinate on a moving garbage truck...
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:05 PM  
What is it with rental property and ants?? I had a big time ant problem when I lived in an apartment. I don't think I could stand huge mutant jumping ants; that's just disgusting.
posted by Blogger Chas at 11:27 PM  

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