Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Go Vote...If for no other reason than the people you meet.

So, we hit the poles this morning as soon as they opened. I felt like we had to do something to keep Herman Munster out of office, but we'll see how successful we were. You meet a lot of interesting people first thing in the morning. We were there with a group of elderly people that were "running the show" like the elderly do - slow and incoherent. They were for sure not going to open the polls at 7:59 because it wasn't time yet. So they decided at about 15 till that they needed to pass out the form you fill out to get a ballott. Picture this if you will, the elderly passing out forms to the elderly, no idea why they're passing out forms, no idea why they have to fill out forms. So, the loudest of them all (I would assume he was deaf but he had a walkman on that all of us could hear and chose to speak over it rather than turn it down) decides that he's not going to fill out the form because he's already filled out all the forms he's going to fill out, and that he hadn't filled out that stupid thing in 30 years of voting. While we're waiting in line, three more people come in and cut to the front of the line. They never say excuse me, never ask where the line starts, they just go. Then, the voting people come out and they say they're headed to a funeral so we have to let them go first - again they say nothing to the people they've just cut ahead of. Perhaps I'm an insensitive bastard, but I think it wouldn't have hurt them to say "Can we go ahead of you, we have a funeral to attend." I probably would have taken that a little better. Anyway, my hot wife and I were the youngest people there and it seems everyone around us was amazed that we were up and voting that early -myself included. They're still trying to pass out these forms that we have to fill out, much to the dissappointment of Mr. Walkman. It would seem that Mr. Walkman had now gone off on a rant about where is Walkman was made (China) and that because it was made overseas, it didn't have as nice of a belt clip as his cell phone. I would have to say that it wasn't because of where it was made, but when it was made. That walkman couldn't have been any newer than 1985. Then he informed us all how handy they were, and you could even plug it in to your car and play a cassette tape. I really had to bite my tongue to keep from going "REALLY???? A CASSETTE TAPE IN YOUR CAR???? THAT'S CRAZY TALK!!!" Somehow I don't think he would have gotten it.

Well, that's it for now. If you haven't voted today - go vote. I keep thinking during their next commercial that the Miller Lite Referee is going to pop up and throw them a penalty flag. I imagine he'd say "Penalty on the field, unbelievable hair pieces, and excessive mind numbing chatter. Presidency - DENIED!" As I've said before - John Kerry is a jackass and does not approve this message.

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