Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ever wonder who reads your blog?

Yeah...the USPS reads your blog that's who. The mail showed up just now with two books that I had mailed on Friday when I wrote this post. He handed them both to me as if they were new mail and I said "Why are these here?" He looked at me like I was an idiot and said (as he grabbed the packages) "because this is where they were sent to...DUH!" Having never seen this guy before I'm not sure why he's giving me this, but I don't care. I grabbed his hand that was pointing to the address clearly labeled "FROM" and pulled him across the counter to get his attention. At this point he's got one foot on the ground and he's laying flat on the counter with the book in his face. I said "THEY WERE NOT SENT HERE! THIS ADDRESS THAT YOU'RE POINTING TOO SAYS 'FROM' IN BIG RED LETTERS. THEY SHOULD GO TO THE ONE THAT SAYS 'TO' YOU MORON!!!" I let him go so he stood back and looked at it and said "Well, you did somethin wrong so you have to take it back to the post office and fix it." Then he turned and left. At the post office, they made some excuse on how it was my fault. I said "I find it hard to accept that a return address label with the shipping address in big red letters is my fault. You guys messed up, you can fix it." They agreed they'd fix it as a courtesy to me but wanted to make sure from now on I had everything labeled properly. I guess I was mad at the mail guy and the guy that cut me off on the way there, but I told the guy behind the counter to stick his proper label in his properly labeled ass...and have a USPS day. Really, I don't have anger management issues.


LOL! The joys of dealing with...the government!
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