Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Death by MmmmBopp?

I was listening to the Pulse on Sirius this morning because that's what I usually listen too. Occasionally I'll have it on Octane or a good hard rock station. As soon as I do someone comes in and is mortally offended by Rob Zombie and I get weird looks. Oh well. Anyway...back to the matter at hand. They come on occasionally with news stories and this one struck me so I'm sharing it with my blogger friends. A high school in the New England area needs to raise $3,000 for their school but they want the students to go out and do it - as usual. In an effort to encourage the students to reach their goal the principal said he would play Hanson's MmmBopp throughout the entire school at the beginning and end of every class. He's been doing this to them for three straight weeks. Can you imagine how I would be after three weeks of Hanson? Can't that fall under cruel and unusual? Don't we have hazing laws in high schools that should prevent such torture? In my high school days I'm sure my group of friends would have found a way to hijack that radio or pull the fire alarm every time we heard the word MmmmBopp. I assure you, it would not have been pretty and they would have been charged with a much larger task than raising $3,000.

Speaking of torture, death by Hanson sounds like the appropriate measures for a lady in Atlanta. She drove up from Dalton with a fake social security number and went to the WalMart to say she was a Hurricane Katrina refugee. They gave her food, clothes, and a $1,000 WalMart gift card for whatever else she needed. The lady resided in Atlanta and was seen spending the gift card with a friend of hers from Dalton and was arrested. She spent last night in jail with a $3,000 bail. I think that's pretty sick for a grown person to do. Especially one that didn't need the money and was just taking advantage of the system. She should be locked in her cell and every time she starts to doze off or fall asleep 10,000 watts of MmmBopp should be blasted at her from all angles. This should be maintained for at least three weeks. I'm sure by then, having not slept and been subjected to Hanson at any level, she'll think twice before she tries to buck the system again. She should also have to serve her sentence in New Orleans as part of the clean up effort so she can see exactly who she's taken advantage of.

Not much going on at work today, just touching up and inventorying the store. We'll probably get high off stain fumes today as we have some baseboard to stain. That's it from me, hope all is well with everybody else.


Who knew Hanson could be so, um, motivational? Raising money and stopping crime. Either way, it's torture, but you're on to something there regarding that idiot lady. MmmmmBarf.
posted by Blogger Boonzie at 1:19 PM  
You're killing me boonzie. That's hilarious!
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:09 PM  
when I first saw what was going on with the Hurricane one of my first thoughts was exactly what this lady did. Who is going to find away to profit from this. I think Hanson is not enough punishment. I think she should be put through what happened to the victims of Katrina and then when she needs or wants something she should be refused because she took advantage of the situation when it didn't effect her. Probably harsh but perhaps it would wake her and others up because you know she is not the only one that has or will be doing this. She's just the first that got caught!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 3:45 PM  
I thought I was being too harsh with Hanson. I agree, she's just the first one that got caught because she's stupid. I'm sure there will be more and it's sad to think there are people out there that do such things, but people take advantage where they can I suppose. It's just wrong.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:38 PM  
Just to let you all know, the story was on the local news last night. The woman who was arrested was a local woman who went to a Red Cross shelter and received food, clothing, and shelter for one night. They gave her a $1000 gift card to Wal-Mart as well. The Red Cross volunteers suspected something was up with her and called the police. They arrested her and charged her with fraud. Her excuse was that she was trying to escape an abusive relationship. The police did not buy it and explained that there are other organizations that help with that. She is in a North Georgia jail and bond was set at $3000.
posted by Blogger Jen at 1:19 PM  

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