Monday, September 26, 2005

You may now refer to me as "The Man."

So, not only am I the lead oppressor of college students, I'm about to make the college bookstore my bitch. As with most evil college stores they've been dragging ass on getting me information...information like what books to order and how many. So, I've had my cousin the attorney doing some research on this to find out if there is a law, if there is a statute, things like that. It's been frustrating because we've come up with nothing. Today...we have something. We have a statute, one that says their current practices are unconstitutional and that they will now be my bitches. Before too long I'll be running this place and my store will be the altar at which they worship. Maybe I'm getting carried away, but this is fantastic news. They are going down, they will hate me, and I just don't care. They will now refer to me as "The Man," "The One," or "The Anomile" and they'll be forced to avert their eyes when I'm present. At any rate, it's late, I've got to get home so I can get some rest. There are bitches to fry and faculty to screw tomorrow. Have a good Monday!


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