Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend in review...

Well, our DVD player finally died. I won't say it died, I'll just say it played DVD's selectively to the point that it was voted out and replaced. The new one we have is a Panasonic and it rules. We can now record TV shows to DVD. I know...that's exciting.

The rest of the weekend was spend areating my yard so I can plant grass seed. Our yard is mostly rock so it's really a pain in the ass to do anything with. Most of my day saturday and sunday was spent wrestling the bull of this thing through the yard. Hopefully it will pay off and we'll have grass this spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because of course my neighbors have the million dollar yard and we bought a yard that the previous owners hadn't hardly cut but a few times. Needless to say we have a lot of yardwork ahead of us, with much more to do next weekend. I know you're all jealous but seriously, leave this to us. No matter how much you want to come to the scenic city to do yard work, you just can't.

Saturday night we grilled out for some old friends of ours that we hadn't seen in a while. I tried a new kind of charcoal for the chicken we did that everyone said was just fantastic and easier to light than regular charcoal. If I could go back to the store where we bought this stuff and kick that guy in the teeth, I surely would. He said "All you need is one sheet of wadded up newspaper and you're in good shape. That stuff will light up no problem. Just don't use any lighter fluid. That stuff absorbs so much of the flavor and you don't want to ruin it." I thought, this had to be easy. I'm an Eagle Scout and I can start a fire in at least 20 different ways, a lot of which don't involve matches or lighters. It took me and the other guy two newspapers and at least an hour to get these things where we could cook on them. Then, once they got to an acceptable cooking temperature for the chicken to be slow roasted (read the frustration in that slow cooking) we started cooking. After dinner I went out to check the grille and it had gotten up to almost 400 degrees. The coals had finally gotten hot...nice. Sunday morning after church, they were still at almost 200 degrees. It's good to know that if I want to barbeque for 12 hours I can do that. The flavor of the hardwood charcoal is better than regular charcoal, I can promise that. It's ease of use is a pain in the ass. I'm seriously considering busting that guy in the nuts next time I see him.

The good side of all this is that, the chicken was great, and we hung out with friends we hadn't seen in a long time. We even called one of our old professors that we despise to hear his voice mail because he does his "thought for the day." This weekends thought for the day was "there is no traffic jam on the expressway to the extra mile. I'll go the extra mile and call you back." Well, Dr. Presentation Thief, here is your thought for the day "There is no need for you. You've had your turn to annoy us, now go away. We all hate you."


Our VCR bit the dust and I told the wife that we were not buying another VCR. Instead we'll be getting a DVDR like you guys. But she wants a combo DVDR and VCR. Soooo...we'll be getting it. A bit more expesive, but I think it will pay off. Now if I can get rid of all the VHS tapes we have it would be an easier sell.
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Actually, there is a whole thing on how to record your VHS tapes to DVD in the instruction manual. It's pretty cool actually, and even uses VCR Plus codes from the TV Guide so you can program it that way. It's pretty darn handy actually. We had a combo deck and this is what we replaced it with...maybe that will help your sale for you.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:08 PM  
Ah the boyscouts, educating young pyros near you!

Im gonna be a Girl Scout for Halloween, I think.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 5:32 PM  
Heh, Was that chicken as good as your sausage?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 10:02 AM  
The chicken was way better than the sausage.

Hooters a girl scout for halloween? That should be funny.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:12 AM  
I knew you liked the cock.
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 11:52 AM  
I feel like I want to punch you.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 1:39 PM  
Thanks for the heads up Patrick. We'll probably be getting this as a Christmas Gift to ourselves so once I get one I'll be fiddling around with it. What brand name did you get?
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 3:35 PM  

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