Monday, May 08, 2006

Movie Review - MI-III

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie or not, so I decided on a matinee with a friend. I have to say I liked it pretty well. I'm not sure how in line or not in line with the other two it was, but it was different. This one is basically Tom Cruise moving on with his life and getting married. He's convinced his Fiancee that he works for the Department of Transportation analyzing traffic patterns. What he really does is train field agents for the IMF but he's not on active duty. As you've already figured he goes back for one last mission to rescue one of his trainees. The movies stars Laurence Fishburn who just can't help but be awesome. I never saw many of his pre-matrix movies, but from the Matrix on I think he's just awesome. He's got the best line when they think Tom Cruise is a traitor and he (playing the director of IMF) says "You can look at me with those judgemental eyes all you want, but I shit you not. I will not harbor terrorists or traitors and I will slit my wrists and bleed on the American Flag to keep it's stripes red." Somehow I don't think anyone else saying lines like that would be near as cool. It's got a few twists and turns, and of course the new love interest (that isn't Katie Holmes or a Scientologist) is good in her role. Ving Rhames is back and he's got a new team of people. It's somewhat predictable so you're not really wondering what is going to happen next, you can watch and say "yeah, I knew that was coming." The only thing it really lacked was a good high speed chase. They had a chase through Shang Hai with two Land Rovers and two seven series BMW's, but it wasn't special. The hot hawaiian girl on the team drives a super nice Lamborghini but it's only in the movie for a second before it's blown up. I think with that at your disposal you should do more with it. Anyway, the movie is good but I think it will fade from the top five once The DaVinci Code and X-3 come in to play. In short, you could wait to video and not really be missing anything. I've changed my mind about Superman. I don't know that it's going to be as good as X-3 or Batman Begins from last year. I know I originally said it was, but I don't think it will be. I think X-3 and Pirates of the Carribean will be the big summer blockbusters this year.

Short of that, the weekend was uneventful. I rebuilt the brakes on my wifes car and cut the grass. We hung out with our new neighbors (because I guess that's the neighborly thing to do) on Saturday night and stayed out too late but that is about it.


Hummm...I might hit a matinee of this. I kind of what to see it, own the other 2 and really like them, but it's Tom Cruise. Idiot of the world. Yeah perhaps I'm stupid for being that way, but the guy is just a douche bag.

X-3 is going to be awesome. Not sure about Superman. I'll probably go and see that along with The DaVinci Code. And Pirates will be good as well. Been forever since we saw a movie at the theatre...think we'll be spending a lot of time there with all the good one's coming up.
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Yes, Tom Cruise is a douche bag. I'm so tired of his personal life being broadcast on every news channel in the nation it's not even funny. I couldn't care what he does with his personal life and I'd rather they just keep it off my TV.

X-3 is going to rule, I think we're spending a lot of time at the movies this summer too. You guys gonna make it to Chattanooga at some point?
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I'd love to make it out there for a weekend or something like that. I know tickets to Atlanta are pretty damn cheap. So perhaps before I head out of the steamy midwest I'll get out there for a weekend and we can hang out.
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