Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spring Rushed

Well, I promised I'd post more often as a New Years resolution but it looks like I'm off to a bad start. I didn't remember this semester being this busy for Spring of last year, but I guess we were still kinda new at it a year ago. This week was rough. I've been too tired to hold my eyes open for the drive home most days this week. To say the least business is good. The only thing I don't remember, and that I don't get is people arguing about tax. I don't want to sound racist, but it's mostly mexicans that do it. They'll price out their books, then you'll ring them up, and then they stand an argue about paying tax. They look at you like you're stupid and say "No man...the price on the book is this...why are you overcharging me?" Has anybody else ever gone in to someones business and told them you didn't want to pay sales tax? I know that tax is something that has to be paid, it's a fact of life. So no matter where I go, I've never thought to say "No...I'd really rather not pay tax thank you." I've never met anyone that enjoyed paying taxes, or looked forward to it. No one does, but it's a fact of life. You live, you pay taxes, you die. I've got one kid from Colombia that comes in with his dad. They stand at the counter and argue about prices, then his dad steps up, looks down on me and starts negotiating and claiming he's my best customer. His dad works at the Chic-fil-a near the store. I really hate Chic-fil-a but realistically next time I want chicken, I'm going in there and I'm going to haggle this man until he cries. They sold back a book and argued over the price and then asked for an extra $5, so I finally caved and said "Will $5 make you shut the hell up?" He agreed it would. Little did he know that because I think he's an ass I always knock $5 off his buy back price to leave him room to "negotiate" with his mad skills. This semester was no different for Igor and his Dad. So mark my words, the day will come when the blog will read "Chic-fil-a'ed" and I'll tell you how I made a $50 year old Colombian cry like a bitch when I haggled him over the price of a sandwich and waffle fries. I intend to do this to the point that it makes other people uncomfortable to be in the store. Just wait...this man will cry because I will bring the pain.

Enough about that. It seems like we made it through. Sales were good, we had a record sales day, and now we're mostly out of stuff so we might be done for the semester. We did have a good run though. My returning help was good. The cheerleader was good enough to get a raise because she proved to be worth more than what she was paid last semester. Her boyfriend was mad that he found my number in her cell phone, but realistically we're 10 years apart and if I'm going to cheat on my wife it's not going to be with an employee. It's going to be with Carmen Electra. Yes, I aim high but I married well. I did have two new hires this semester, one said it was her life long dream to work in a book store, and the other just wanted to work and I think hang out with people. I believe the new girl is a crack ho so she only worked two days. The first day her register was $20 short, the second day it was $20 over. Seem odd to anyone else? The guy is a pretty cool student. His Dad is a teacher at Dalton and he's very Anti-American. They are a Muslim family, but he was a good kid. Good worker, likes discussion. Seems like even though his Dad hates America and it's foreign policies he was raised pretty well. He won't be back next semester because he's going away to school but he was a good hire and I was happy to have him. See...I'm equal opportunity after all. I don't just hire hot young freshman cheerleaders.

That's it from the store for now, I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard but I promise I'll have something more enjoyable to read up early next week. I do have some much more entertaining stories from the rush, but those are for a later day.


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