Thursday, April 12, 2007

Extreme Lameness

I was reading Maxim Online this week and they had a slideshow about extreme sports. Some of them, I didn't know were sports. I found these to be extremely lame (as did Maxim) and I think if I ever see someone partaking in them, I'm going to whip their ass.

Snow Biking - I'd like to say this takes a genius to figure out, but really it just takes someone that needs their ass whipped. I can't imagine why someone would want to combine biking and skiing, but what do I know?

Razor Scootering - I didn't consider this anything but extremely dumb, but kids like it I guess. I had a larger scooter when I was in elementary school, but again I wasn't as old as this guy. Also picture the towel heads near where I work ride them every day. I don't mean towel heads as derogatory in this sense...I mean they're literally getting around on motorized scooters like this one...and they're wearing turbans. Usually bright colors like orange and purple. It's like watching fruits go by. Sometimes they have their kids with them, sometimes they don't.

Extreme Walking - Homos. Seriously, you want extreme walking, go take a few laps around the mall with my mom or my grandmother. If you can make it two laps without passing out my hat is off to you. That is extreme walking. If I ever see someone on a half pipe, park bench, or sidewalk and they're doing this shit...they will most likely get their ass whipped. If they can't figure out why...I'm sure Mike will whip their ass again for good measure.


Wow those people are soooooooo lame. Hahaha. Talk to you later.
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