Thursday, June 14, 2007

Movie Review - Primeval

This is one of those that the wife didn't watch with me. Once she read the description, she was out. Personally, I thought it sounded cool. I mean, killer crocodiles and corrupt politicians in Africa? Count me in. Basically the premise of the movie is that a reporter (Dominic Purcell) has lost his credibility due to a story they don't talk about much. Enter the smokin hot Brooke Langton as a new reporter that's friends with the boss. She comes up with this great idea to catch this giant killer crocodile and bring it back to the US. This is all based on a true story and the crocs name is Gustav. Seriously, when the boss was passing out stories did he not once think "Wait a minute...I've seen this in a movie before...something about a big gorilla they captured...hmmm...didn't end well for them either." Anyway, they travel to Africa with Orlando Jones (the plucky comic relief), a guide, and a tracker that is supposed to be the crocodile hunter. They probably could have played the backgrounds of the other two guys up a little more instead it was just "oh yeah, this one time, the beast ate my wife." Then everyone just went on about what they were doing. The croc hunter (who conveniently has his own TV show) has decided he wants to capture this thing and preserve it so other people can see it. This is obviously a bad idea. Other than some bad editing and getting totally screwed out of seeing Brooke Langton in a wet white t-shirt, it's not so bad. The croc is CGI and you can only really tell in a couple of places...but's a people eating croc that's devouring random people in Africa. Not only are the main characters faced with having to run from a man eating croc, they guards they have are run by the corrupt politician that is fueling the civil war in Africa so he can have some form of power. According to the facts at the end of the movie, the civil war and the croc were both real and the croc still lives and eats people but no one from the US has attempted to go back and get it. My two favorites lines from Orlando Jones are copied and pasted here from IMDB and are hilarious...

Steven Johnson: You know, that croc's a lot like OJ. He made a mistake when he killed that white woman.

Steven Johnson: I'm never gonna say this in front of a bunch of white people. Slavery was a good thing. Anything to get the fuck out of Africa is a good thing.

Both pretty funny, and he's good as usual. All in all I liked it. I'm glad I didn't see it in the theaters because I don't know that I would have been happy if I'd paid $8.50 to see it, but a Netflix rental isn't so bad. I give it three out of five stars. It had the potential for four, but Langton kept her clothes on through the entire thing so it only gets three.

This weekend, if all goes well I hope to wood grille some salmon so I'll let you know how that turns out. The puppy is still doing well, and I bet he'll be 10 or 12 pounds at the vet this weekend because he is getting bigger. We'll keep you posted on how that goes. As far as movies go, we've got Fantastic Four this weekend and I'm going to make an effort to see it in theaters if I can. Maybe even Sunday night take the fam out to see Oceans 13 for Fathers Day, but we'll see.


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