Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monday...er Tuesday Movie Reviews

Meant to do this yesterday but I forgot. Yesterday was a little busy and today looks no different. Over the weekend as usual we had time to catch a couple of movies...and they ruled.

DeJa Vu - Bitchin. I like pretty much anything Denzel is in and this movie was no different. It is one of those movies that is better as a rental so you can watch it twice. You miss stuff the first time around, and the second time around it makes more sense. In short, the movie is about an ATF agent (Denzel) trying to solve a crime that you see just after the opening credits. Val Kilmer the FBI guy gives him a chance to work with them and their unique system they have of solving crimes. There is some time travel (or bending) in this one so it's not realistic but it's pretty damn cool. I give it four out of five stars for good action, good humor, and of course Denzel. Also stars Jim Cavizel playing a villan far from his role as Jesus. Well worth a watch. I might even buy this one...it's pretty good. Just make sure you're awake and paying attention.

The Rocketeer - What? Yeah...I watched it while the wife was studying on Sunday because I hadn't seen it in a while. Good flic. Also learned that this was supposed to be Disney's attempt at an Indiana Jones type franchise. They had three scripts ready to go, but the first one tanked at the box office so the others were scrapped. A shame really. It's the perfect Disney type fantasy movie and had Jennifer Connoley in it. It has everything, hot babe, unrealistic hero, unlikely jet pack, nazi's that scream only in German, and the mad scientist guy. What more can you really want? I know...Jennifer Connoley naked...but it's a Disney movie.

The month of May is always famous for movies that kick ass. This year looks no different. We've got Spider-man 3 this weekend and Pirates the same weekend that Tumbler comes home...and the Heroes Season Finale is this month. If you're not watching Heroes, I feel for you. It really is THE BEST show on television.


Spiderman this week...I can't wait!

And yes...Hero's is the best show on TV, although the wife would say Greys Anatomy. I'm getting a bit sick of the soap opera going on.
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Yeah...that show is better when it's funnier, and when Sandra Oh isn't on it. I hate her. I keep hoping they'll kill her off or something, but they never do. There is nothing better on TV than heroes, that's for sure.
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