Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie Review - Children of Men

We've actually been wanting to watch this one for a while but we've never sat down to do it. This weekend we were cleaning the basement and we got to a stopping point around eight or nine so we decided to watch this one with some frozen pizza. Let me tell you, every cook has their specialty...but my wife and I can make the hell out of some frozen pizza after a hard days work. So anyway, on to the movie review.

Children of Men is probably classified as a thriller of some sort, and this is one of those "the entire world has collapsed and Britain soldiers on." Apparently the person that writes these things values Britain above all else. Anyway. The world has collapsed because people can no longer reproduce. Tragedy happens as the worlds youngest person dies at 18 years. They made this out to be a huge tragedy and of course the entire world was in ruins having not seen the birth of a child in 18 years. The movie stars Clive Owen, and Julianne Moore (a Raul fav) makes a guest appearance. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. If you haven't, she's really only in it for a few minutes. Which is kindof depressing, because at her age she's still pretty hot. Anyway, the premise of the movie is that Julianne Moore is the leader of a rebel group and thinks everyone not being fertile is a government conspiracy. Personally I would have liked to see more of that angle in the movie, but you don't. So they have a pregnant woman that they're hiding from the government and Julianne Moore only trusts Clive Owen to get her to safety...or to The Human Project that they talk about but never go in to details on. It's not a bad movie, and I did like it, but it was missing a few things and the pregnant girl has an African accent or something, but she's hard to understand so we had to pause and back up a few times to make sure we got everything. A couple people speak a foreign language entirely and there are no subtitles so you kinda have to guess at what they say. I won't tell you how the movie ends, but it just kindof ends. It's at a place where I was hoping they would expand, or something, but they didn't. They just rolled the credits...that's it. I guess you can assume whatever you want, but for me I pay to see movies so I don't have to assume, I want them to tell me and show me all the cool shit that I was thinking about when I came to see the movie. The story is weird, and far fetched, but the movie is still good. It's a futuristic thriller I guess, but it's a dismal view of the future that no one hopes we have. If you get the chance, the movie is probably worth the rental. If you don't, it's not a life enriching movie but it's a good flic.

Tomorrow starts day one of physical therapy so I hope I'm on the road to recovery from this stupid neck injury. That's about it from us for the day. I hope everyone else had a good weekend.


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