Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movie Review - Georgia Rule

I know what you're already thinking. YOU RENTED GEORGIA RULE??? No. My wife snuck it in on Netflix. Personally I refuse to watch anything with Hanoi Jane in it so I make it a point to take all her junk out of the Netflix Queue before it arrives but this one slipped by. Why? Because Jane Fonda is in fact a horrible person and should probably at best be rotting in a prison somewhere for the rest of her days and not enjoying the freedoms the rest of America get to enjoy. Why? Click the link.

Anyway, short of having an Anti-American Communist in the film, it also stars Felicity Huffman, and Lindsay Hohan...I mean Lohan. Probably the only real acting in the film is done by Huffman - who on an unrelated side note seems too tall to be married to William H. Macy...but I could be wrong. At any rate, I don't know that the movie is worth seeing or supporting but my wife liked it. It's not really a comedy like I thought it would be. It's more of a disturbing drama. To me, it was just kind of nothing...a story that didn't need to be told. It was Hanoi Jane Fonda being a raging bitch - no real acting chops needed for that one, Felicity Huffman being a recovering alcoholic - which she pulled off believably well, and Lindsey Lohan playing a rich, spoiled, recovering drunk and drug induced teen whore. Yeah...not exactly a stretch for her. The movie takes place in Idaho where Lohan is being dropped off at her Grandmother Georgias (Hanoi Jane) house because her mom can't handle her anymore and she thinks living with a communist...err...her grandmother will do her some good. I guess it's supposed to be a feel good movie with a happy ending where everyone learns how to overcome their differences and blah blah blah. It's a piece of cinematic shit starring a traitor and a ho-bag. Not sure how Felicity Huffman got roped in to this one, but she's a pretty good actress. For Lohan, while she did say in Maxim years ago that we'd never see her in a topless scene because that wouldn't be appropriate, I think she's changed her tune. In this particular flic she can be seen without a bra on the entire time and offering to fuck someones boyfriend stupid. Her playboy shoot and topless scenes are just a matter of time. As for Fonda, lets hope she stays off the silver screen, or certainly off my TV for years to come. Not sure how much my wife liked it, but as far as movies go, the stories weren't too bad. The acting from Felicity Huffman and Cary Elwes were both pretty good. The non-acting from Hohan and Hanoi were fitting to their real life personas, but again something that I could do without.

Still want to go see 3:10 to Yuma, but it might be a rental when all is said and done because I don't see any relief in the weekend schedules coming up.


Jason would NEVER watch a movie like that with me...your wife is very luck :).
posted by Blogger Chas at 10:09 PM  
I'm gonna have to go with Jason is the lucky one here.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 7:22 AM  

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