Wednesday, July 11, 2007

!#@$*&! DOCTORS!!!

I've probably posted about this before, but I have some sort of neck problem. I have since my Freshman year of college. I have no idea what it is, or why it happens. No doctor, or chiropractor has been able to tell me what causes it or how to fix it. Basically, what it happens is that something in my neck will pop. I don't have to be doing anything in particular, I just have to be alive and it pops. Then my neck goes in to these insane muscle spasms and freezes. Doesn't sound bad you say? It freezes up so tight that any movement is painful. It's been bad enough that chewing something hurts, and other times it's only bad enough that it feels like a strained muscle. It's annoying more than anything. Having to have someone drive you to work because you can't turn your head is a bit ridiculous to me, but I guess you just take it and roll. I've been to the doctor, the chiropractor, and this week I attempted a physical therapist. Our lovely insurance scheme...I mean plan...makes sure we go see a general practitioner before we go get any other treatments of any kind. I've been to this doctor (I think I blogged about firing the last one, so this is a different one) before about it and he gave me some muscle relaxers that put me in a foul mood but make pretty much everything not hurt. I get very spaced out on them sometimes, but they work. Me personally, I think there should be a better solution than pills. I'm not involved in any pharmaceutical conspiracies or what not, I just don't think any time something is wrong with you, you take a pill and get all better. There has to be a way to prevent, a way to overcome. Right? Am I the only one that thinks this way? Apparently. My doctor suggested surgery as the best fix, and offered me a double arm load of muscle relaxers again. What he really wanted I'll have no part of. He suggested cortisone shots as instantaneous relief. Call me crazy, but I think sticking a needle in a place where joints are having severe spasms is just bad news.

Anyway, so I asked this time if he'd consider some physical therapy. He said "well, that will work. The only people I've ever known that cured themselves of this type problem went to PT." Genius! Why the hell didn't someone suggest that years ago? I would have happily signed up back in college while I was on the bitchin insurance my parents had. There are two physical therapy places right near our house. One of them is good, the other one is the worst place on the face of the earth. I'm not sure what kind of kickbacks they give to doctors for their referral to this place, but it must be good. He gives me a referral to the good one because I ask him to. Guess what? The good one isn't covered under my insurance but all I have to do is get the doctor to sign off on this form and the insurance company will cover it. This ass face refuses. He has one of his nitwit receptionists call and tell me he won't sign, and won't tell me why. So I ask said stupid bitch "What's the deal?" Her response? "He said you can go where you're covered or pay out of pocket." Wow. Me going to this sorry ass physical therapist means that much to him? Really? Could it be a scam? Of course it is. Any time insurance and doctors are involved, it's likely a scam. I personally believe that there is a special place in hell for insurance companies. I bet they have a nice table next to the scientologists. I could rant and go on about insurance companies and how they're raping us, or I could tell you how I think Michael Moore's documentary might change something, but it won't. We all get to roll over and take it like a crack whores bitch. Michael Moore I guess thinks he's making a difference, but he's really just eating more hot dogs and making an ass of himself. Were he not a complete waste of valuable air, I imagine he could make a difference.

I know what you're all thinking. I probably ranted and raved, and told this doctor to shove it in his ass. Actually, I did not. I stayed cool, thanked them for the call back, and told them I would look at all my other options and go from there. Probably what I will do is call one of the local news stations and get them to investigate exactly how much of a bonus this doctor gets from referring patients to the biggest scam of a PT place in three states. But at the end of the day my neck will still frickin hurt, and I'll go back next time to the offer of a cortisone shot and horse tranquilizers and he'll go home thinking he did his job.


That sucks about your neck. My neck does something very similar, but it's very infrequent. There's no pop for me though, it just suddenly won't move and there's lots of pain...but like I said, not frequent, so I've never been to the doctor about it. I wish I had some suggestions about dealing w/ your insurance, but I have no idea. I think we have pretty good insurance, but I've never had PT. I do know that there's a PT place that has a phone number that is one digit different than my cell phone. I get their calls all the time...they must have a ton of maybe they're good.
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