Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two things that are completely worthless...

Well, I had to exert little to no effort on finding these two...but they've proven completely worthless to pretty much everyone.

The Rite-Aid Pharmacist - I know...they're not doctors. They should be able to answer simple questions. After my last visit to the doctor I got new meds for my neck because I'd adapted to the old ones and they weren't working. Maybe I'm addictive or something, but I can get used to the same meds after time so it's time to get something stronger. I get the prescriptions filled and as usual they say "Do you have any questions for the pharmacist about your new meds?" Actually...I did. It's allergy season again and my allergies are acting up as usual. So I ask..."I'm probably going to take some Tylenol Allergy Sinus, or some Benadryl, or a Zyrtec if I get lucky for my allergies. Is that going to react with any of these to the point that I shouldn't take them?" So the nice little pharmacy tech goes over, asks the fat ass pharmacist to put down the twinkie and answer my simple question. The pharmacist gets somewhat guarded and says "Well. Without knowing the specific doses we cannot at this time determine what adverse effects, if any, could occur. In some cases this medicine has been known to cause extreme sedation and mixing with allergy medications can sometimes increase the sedation effects." You mean they'll make me more drowsy than they normally would? I of course got a funny look and said "Okay, so I'll be sleepy but I won' t be bleeding out my eyes or have my stomach rocket across the room will I?" Very seriously they just said "An increase in sedation is the only thing we know of without knowing specific medications, doses, and the regularity of them." I know that they can't give me a detailed explanation like a doctor can, but a simple "Might make you sleepy" would have made me much happier than that load of BS. Oh well. I took my allergy meds and I'm fine. Some headaches seem to be the only side effect.

Redline - This movie is awful. Wow...just wow. It's like the creators watched Fast the the Furious and said "What if we did that with high end cars and blew all the money on cars and didn't actually have a plot?" Somehow, this seems to be the only thing that would explain this movie. That, and why does every race scene have to have the cars slamming in to each other? Seriously, if I'm ever racing someone and they so much as nudge me, I'll stop, wait on them to come back, and beat them within an inch of their life. That is not how races are won or lost. Sadly I do know a few people that when racing they would try to wreck you rather than let you win. Anyway, back to the movie. To sum up the plot shouldn't take long. Hot lead girl played by Nadia Bjorlin owns a shop where they fix high end cars. She used to race, but her Dad was killed in a car wreck on the last lap of some huge wreck. She flashes back to his car blowing up all the time. You lose any sympathy you may have had for her. She's also the lead singer in a garage band that sucks immensely. Four rich guys, one of them being Tim Matheson, another being Eddie Griffin - who I REALLY hate - get together to bet insane amounts of money on high end car races. The previous races lead up to this $100,000,000 car race in the desert. Someone of course brings in the guy that killed lead hot girls dad. Yeah...because that just happens. They of course don't speak, and she wrecks him and his car blows up. Her only response is "have a nice ride." So she's just gotten her revenge, and committed a crime and that's her response. There is a subplot but it's so corny it's not worth mentioning. This movie really had potential to showcase some high end cars, have some legitimate showdowns, and do something other than just have high end cars and hot girls with stupid dialogue. Well, it didn't. The movie was apparently low budget enough that most of the Enzo Ferrari's, Porsche's, and GT 40's still had dealer tags on them. Like the movie was low budget enough they couldn't pay $8 a piece for fake tags.'s that bad. Almost as worthless as the pharmacist I talked to.

That's it from here for now. More movie reviews to come this week. Heroes returns on Monday!!!!


It's about time you start being a hater again. I hate that things never seem to work out for you. P I think that you find the stupidest people on earth to deal with, or maybe they just seek you out.

Anyway I would love to just hop in my car and come down. However, my car is having some serious technical difficulties.
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All the more better...I could fix them for you once you get here.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:30 PM  

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