Sunday, June 24, 2007

Smoke-out 2007

Well, with my rumrunning homey back in town we decided out of nowhere that this would be a good weekend so smoke, so today we spent the day in the heat smoking meat. Lots and lots of meat. I think we've got the hang of it now so we'll probably do a few more smoke days this summer. I forgot to take pictures of the food as it was on the grille, but wow did it ever turn out good.

As usual we smoked ribs. I'd been buying them up on sale and freezing them for a few weeks now so we had a total of six racks of ribs. Five baby backs and one St. Louis style rib. If you don't know the difference, in short St. Louis ribs are bigger and have more fat. Also a little more flavor, but you get the fat with it. All in all, not bad. We got done with them, and honestly I wasn't feeling ribs at all today. They were good though, and we sent everyone who attended home with their own rack of ribs. It's not that they didn't taste good, it's just that they're a lot of work to eat. They'll probably be good later this week shaved off the bone and served on a baked potato.

Anyway, we had some backups to ribs. The homeys bought a Boston Butt, and I bought an organic beef brisket. Let me tell you, NEVER buy organic beef to smoke. We had a grass fed beef brisket and I swear I've had beef jerky that was more tender than this thing. I think it's because they exercise the cows more, or just feed them grass and not oats or anything like that. I guess this guy sells good stuff, but this beef brisket sadly got thrown away. It was really inedible and damn near too tough to cut.

The homeys scored the good stuff. The Boston Butt was injected with a mix of Captain Morgans Rum, Honey, a Bobby Flay rib rub, and Coke. Good stuff. I don't know if it was the fat, or what, but this thing was tender, flavorful, and overall kicked some serious ass. It put everything else to shame...big time. It was also coated with a Bobby Flay rub and some Stickey Fingers rub courtesy of one of my brothers-in-law. This will make some awesome sandwiches later in the week, or will just generally be bitchin no matter what we do with it.

Since we've got a smoker going, I threw on some salmon, shrimp, and hot dogs for the Rumrunners for later this week. The shrimp and salmon turned out great, the hot dogs have yet to be determined.

The rumrunners brought over a healthy macaroni, and my brother in law and his fiance brought in some baked beans with rum. If you haven't noticed, Rum is almost always the main ingredient. Finish dinner off with a Margarita pie made by the hot wife, and dinner as a whole was a huge success. If you're hungry and in the area, please come by we have leftovers running out our frickin ears. Seriously...please come by.

At any rate, the day was good, and the smoking was a success. Hopefully next month we'll do another one with pictures.


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