Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupid Groundhog!

Well, coming off a relatively boring Super Bowl we still have six more weeks of winter to look forward too right? I looked at the forecast today and it was supposed to be around 60. Somehow I can't get this building above 50...and it's raining. Anyway...

So the weekend was for the most part uneventful...and I've been out of Bloggertown for a while. Not much really happening to blog about. The store turned a profit this year, currently all of that profit is in inventory but it's a profit right?

Tumbler is still growing, and recently the wife and I had some passing thoughts about adopting another Bullmastiff or some form of dog. We found a Bullmastiff rescue site and inquired about an eight month old Bullmastiff named Hopper...or so we thought. So we filled out the adoption application for Hopper and got no response. Finally a few days later I get an e-mail back from someone that said "The dog you are inquiring about is actually named Titus and we will not let you rescue a male since you already have one." Thinking we were talking about a different dog, I went back to the website. Sure enough, it said "Meet Hopper! Hopper is...blah blah blah." The name Hopper was used four or five times throughout. Titus was never used. But when I looked at the page the last time, titus was in the address bar...fine, we both made a mistake. Technically mine wasn't really my fault. Back to the matter at hand. So I respond and say "Our dog isn't aggressive. He's been well socialized with plenty of male dogs, and last night he even played nice with our neighbors three year old male German Shepard. My brother has a male lab thats just a few days older than him and they get along great as well. I really dont' see any reason for you saying we couldn't have two males." Now, I do know some dogs can be aggressive and feel like another male dog is disrespecting on their block or whatever. Tumbler...not so much. So I get a lengthy response from this crazy woman. Her instructions are copied and pasted. "Sir, this rescue will not EVER place two male Bullmastiffs in the same household as they will kill each other due to their extreme aggression. You need to IMMEDIATELY stop socializing your dog and NEVER take him back to your neighbors house, or your brothers house as your dog DOES NOT get along with other male dogs. Please heed these warnings as this breed of dog is NEVER to be socialized, ESPECIALLY with other male dogs. I'm afraid you're making a grave mistake in the care of your dog." The rest of it was a list of books I needed to read and some history on the Bullmastiff breed. Someone tell me, does this dog look aggressive?

I didn't think so either. The rumrunners Shepard doesn't exactly like having a puppy in his house, but he's never attacked him and Tumbler has never been anything but playful with anybody or anything. So, needless to say we're not getting Tumbler a younger brother nor do I think we're allowed to adopt from this specific rescue foundation after expressing my appreciation on her list of demands in caring for my dog. I will let everyone use their imagination on this one, but our converation was not pleasant. The good news is she maintained her position and offered to put our dog in rescue since we weren't famililar enough with the breed to care for it. We will have Tumbler for a long time to come and I was happy to tell her that and made it a point to forward her list of demands to the founder of her rescue as well as several other people that I thought should see it.

That's it from us for now. Good thing I'm not a betting man, Tom Brady would have screwed me out of more than just a fantasy football championship this year. Hope everyone else enjoyed the Super Bowl. Later this week I'll run down some of my favorite and least favorite ads for your enjoyment.


Yeah I think that lady's been hitting the bong pipe just one to many times. Tumbler doesn't look agressive at all. I'm sure he can be, but I think a lot of the problems she's suggesting are a result of how their raised.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:32 AM  
He has gotten SO HUGE!!!! Our puppys are getting big too but they aren't there yet.

And on a side note. I don't smile because I don't have straight teeth and I don't like them. I also don't like my nose. But the reason I am doing it is because I want to get passed those things. I will try more smiling.
posted by Blogger Easy E at 6:26 PM  

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