Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Well loyal reader, I know it's been a while, but I thought it was time to knock the dust off the blog again and throw something out. My rum running homey and I were talking the other day about movie badasses and we decided to make a list of people that were pretty bad ass. More importantly, people who deserve these....

Oh yeah...the Bad MotherFucker wallet made famous by Samuel L. Jackson himself. Sure, you've seen them on people that don't deserve them, but because of our recent discussions I've decided to add a new weekly feature to the blog. Yes, hopefully that means I'll blog more than once a week. But, a weekly BMF wallet recipient will hopefully be posted if there are worthy candidates available. If you've never seen Pulp Fiction, here is a quick clip to keep you informed.

This weeks winner - John Rambo

Oh yeah. Take a look at Sylvester Stallone then and now.

Stallone and Rambo are the very definition Bad Mother Fuckers. In the fourth Rambo installment, he doesn't just kill people, he kills the fuck out of people. It's a little gruesome, and a little hard to watch at some points, but Stallone is still every bit as capable at 60 (he'll be 61 this year) as he was at 38. This movie, like most mindless action flics, are motivation to do lots of pushups and pullups and carry the physique that Stallone carries. If that isn't. I just don't know what is. Anyway, as far as action movies go, I like this one. To me, it's the perfect ending to the original storyline where a lost and unstable Vietnam Vet makes peace with what he is and returns home. Supposedly Stallone had done some research on this one and there is some truth to whats happening in Burma. I'm sure it's not all true, but I think more situations would be resolved if we could simply send in John Rambo to kill the fuck out of some ruthless bad guys. Just my personal opinion.

That's it for now, hopefully more tomorrow or by the end of the week.


Glad to see that you are back too!!!!!
posted by Blogger Easy E at 3:00 PM  
Stallone looked jacked in Rambo, but you don't know how jacked since he never took off that freaking sweat shirt. Forearms looked like Popeyes however.

So who else is on your list of bad assess? Got to have the Spartans on there. Die Hard (McCain I believe). Or are you going more with actors? I'd say Vin Diesel, but I'm just not sure anymore.

But it's good to see you back finally.

How about some pictures of Tumbler?
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 11:09 AM  
E - yeah, it is nice to be back.

Chris - If you saw Rocky Balboa he was in shape, but still looked kinda old. Don't get me wrong, I hope I look as good as he does at 60, but I probably won't be on the silver screen without a shirt on much at that age. New pics of Tumbler and the BMF wallet list will grow. I hope I can get that as a weekly series...but we'll see.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:39 AM  
Glad you are back to blogging once again. Now don't be such a stranger.
posted by Blogger Cheyenne at 2:53 PM  

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