Friday, September 24, 2004

Another personality quiz...

So I was reading Chastity's blog and I found this quiz. She's right - these quizzes are pretty nuts. I would have to say if you're reading this at work, you probably shouldn't click the link to take the quiz when your boss is watching. Anyway, this was my result of the Super Hero quiz - I won't reveal the villian information just yet.

Not sure what it is about personality tests this week. It's probably because my boss told me I should seek Anger Management classes. Not sure where that came from. Anyway, also not sure of the downloading porn part of it, but I am on the computer all the time at work. Have a good Friday afternoon!


My husband took that quiz, and he's Neo too. He was pretty happy about it since he is a computer programmer and The Matrix is one of his favorite movies.
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