Friday, August 27, 2004

The IOC and that stupid ass Korean...again

Well, I think the Korean Gymnast has finally found a way to make people hate him MORE than most of the world hates Canadians. This guy has taken things to an entirely new level. Now, the IOC isn't going to strip Paul Hamm of his Gold Medal, but they're requesting that he give it back. Sorry guys, you had the chance to not award it to him once - after the medal ceremony is over, you don't ever get that chance again. I've watched Football games where the winning team had 12 men on the field on the last play. They still won! I think the IOC, and this communist homo should both find something better to do with their time. Paul Hamm won when it counted - if you don't like it - STAY HOME NEXT YEAR!! It would be nice if by some miracle, that moronic Korean read this (if he can read) and realized what a waste of air he's becoming and decided never to leave his country again. Most athletes respect other athletes, this guy does not deserve the respect of anyone. Sure, he won a medal. He's probably a well trained competitor and I'm certain can do a better job than I could. However, his antics show the world what a piece of trash he is. Perhaps we should put him and John Kerry in a room together and they can talk about how they once threw their ribbons back at the authority in protest, then change their story years later.

So I'm checking my voice mail today, and I get one that's silent for about five seconds. Then, I hear "Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? Hello??!?? Hello!!??! Call me back! I've been on hold for a half an hour!!!!" That was it - no number, no name, no nothing. Honestly, give me something to work with here. I'm sorry you've been holding, but for you to get a call back - it's best that you tell people who you are.

Well, we're going house shopping tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Have a great weekend, and wish us luck.


Good luck house hunting! Take your time and don't let the realtor fluster you. We went through 5 realtors before finding the right one to make a committment with. We looked at houses that were well out of our range, and then houses that the only compliment we could give it was the fact that the screen of the screendoor didn't have any holes in it. We walked through some immaculate homes, to homes with human feces sitting on a clump on the bed. *shudder* Talk about a scary, haunting memory. Toward the end of our long search, with eyes filled with tears, I swore I'd rather live in a cardboard box on any given street sidewalk than go through the drudgery of looking at any more homes. And then we found one. So, yes, good luck! Take a yummy lunch break, have a cocktail, and make sure you work with a realtor that fits your style.
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Luck! And as for the Korean guy, they were showing his routine again, and it turns out he violated another rule and he would have had a LOWER score if the judges had seen it. So take that. Paul Hamm and his muchkin voice RULE THE WORLD!!!
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Yes, good luck with the house hunting. If you can't find a really great realtor, call Jean Smith with Crye-Leike. We had our eye on this cute old house in Rivermont...we looked at it several times even though it was on the high end of our price range. She had her husband go look at it and he thought it would end up costing us a lot of extra money in the long she pretty much told us she didn't want us to buy it whether it meant she wouldn't get a sell out of us or not. That is NOT something most realtors will do. She ended up selling us our townhouse, it was several thousand dollars less than the house she talked us out of, so she didn't make as much money off of it.....she is AWESOME!!
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