Tuesday, September 28, 2004

An update on Garbage Day, and a Movie Review!

So, as most of you know - garbage day is usually the worst day of the week here. Mostly because the garbage can has until recently had no wheels on it. Last week, they finally came and put new wheels on the can so I can roll it up and down the driveway rather than carry it over my head. Today, I come home and find the garbage can falling into the ditch as I pull on to the street. It wasn't falling because of wind, or the garbage man. The mailman was pushing it into the ditch. Why, I don't know. So I pulled up next to him, got out of the car (in my suit as I had a job interview today) and said "Hey man, I appreciate that. Let me just get that out of your way." He looked at me as if he didn't speak english so I said "You could just put the mail down there with it since I've got to go down there and get the can you just knocked over." Still in silence he puts the mail in the mailbox and drives off without giving me a second look. Amazing. I thought about saying something more, but the last time I got in an arguement with a postal worker, my parents didn't receive their mail for a month. Oh well.

So, I've been looking forward to seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow since I saw the first preview. The concept looks cool, the filmography looks cool, it's got Angelina Jolie in it - what more can you need from a movie? Seriously, all it lacks (at first glance) is a high speed chase seen, but the airplane sequences more than make up for it. This movie sucked. It had probably the best special effects I've ever seen, but the movie had no real plot that would draw you in. I think I could have written a better movie with those kind effects and actors. Jude Law and Gwynneth Paltrow were good, but Angelina Jolie's character was somewhat annoying. I know, most people don't like her, but I've been a fan since Gone in 60 seconds. Actually, I haven't seen any of her other movies besides Lara Croft and that sucked way worse than this one. Hmm...maybe I'm not that big of a fan. Anyway, the special effects in this movie were awesome. The entire thing was done on a blue screen so I'm sure the actors had no idea what it looked like until the premiere. While the effects did rock, they weren't enough to carry the movie. My advice - save it for a rental when nobody's looking.


I love Angelina. If I was into girls, she'd be first on my list! I liked the movie, but then maybe it was because I saw it immediately after Wimbledon. Now THAT movie sucked.

I think SKATWOT was ok, it looked like an old Nazi propaganda film, which in a way was the type of terror I think they were alluding to. I do kinda wish they had explored the Angelina, Gwyeneth, Jude thing more. So J cheated with A on G in Bejing? So? Who cares? He made his choice without ever having to make a choice. Typical male.
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Your garbage stories crack me up!

I can't believe you paid 8 bucks to see Sky Captain...no offense, but I didn't think anyone would go see that movie. I watch the preview and wonder "What is this movie even about?" Oh, and since when do people not like Angelina Jolie?? I like her; she's beautiful and she's had some great roles. Yes, Tomb Raider(both movies) sucked, but she really hooked me with Girl, Interrupted. If you haven't seen Taking Lives, you must see it...it's really great. Also, Life or Something Like It was really good.
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