Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Nine Days to go...

So, another cold night means I wake up to see my breath in the house and find that the coffee table is frozen over. The garage door still doesn't work, but our boob of a landlord was nice enough to respond to my request by putting for rent signs in the front yard. I was nice enough to remove them for him and gently place them in the ditch. Well, to say gently would be a lie. I uprooted them and threw them in the ditch with super human force. I found another one today that he'd put down at the end of our street and didn't have time to remove that one on my way to work. I was pushing the garage door up this morning to get the garbage can out and the neighbor said "Hey, you're garage door is working," as a joke. I laughed and said "yeah, I guess this was his method of fixing it." While we do have a three toed sloth for a landlord, we do have good neighbors.

So, tonight we get to go refrigerator shopping at Sears, and I get to get a garage door opener for the other side of our new house that doesn't have one. I found a more power one, so at least I get something out of tonights trip. Most of the furniture shopping is done now as we spent Sunday in Dalton for an agonizing day. Saturday, we were both called in to work, so I can't decide what is more painful - working or furniture shopping.

At any rate, we've got nine days to go until closing. I think I could leave all the windows and doors open in our new house and we'd still be warmer than this piece of crap we're in now.


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