Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas Blogger peoples.....

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa Claus was good to you all. He was certainly good to me and the hot wife. We got lots of things we've been wanting like a grille (for me) a mixer for the wife, and of course what Christmas is complete without socks and underwear.

This Christmas we also got the gift of new friends. We had the pleasure of formally meeting Chastity and J and saw a movie none of us really liked. We had the choice of Closer, or The Forgotten, both of which three out of four of us wanted to see. J didn't care for Closer as it didn't seem to have the plot that The Forgotten was supposed to have. It wasn't that great, but it was a very different role for everyone involved. I won't say much to sway you from or away from seeing the movie, but it is certainly not a conventional role for anyone. I'm still hoping Clive Owen is the next James Bond, but that's a different Blog at a different time. J - you get to pick the movie next time. You certainly can't do any worse than we did.

Anyway, Christmas was great for us. We got great presents, ate lots of food, and made great new friends. Amazing how the internet can bring people together.


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