Monday, December 20, 2004


As Jimmy Buffet said - "I gotta go where it's warm." It's cold here, and I hate cold weather. The countdown to Jeff and Mary continues and we're at 10 days. Tomorrow we will be in single digits. I was thinking I'd bring a good Jeff story again today, and I got reminded of one on the way in. Somebody was tailgating me and then attempted to race me down riverfront parkway. I won, in case you were wondering as it was another Jeep. I mentioned in a previous post that Jeff and I drove the same car for a while in high school. Jeff stayed over on more than one occasion and we of course raced to school the next day. I remember one day, I had to take Dad in so we were very well behaved the entire way downtown. Drop Dadman off at TVA and it was on. About halfway there, as I was about to take the lead, the Power Limited light came on in my car and scared the crap out of me. I of course let up and Jeff beat me to school by a few minutes. Normally we ended up there at the same time with smoke pouring out from under the hood and the metal popping like it was overheated (it was). I remember this day because when I got to school, Jeff was sitting on the hood of his car laughing at me and didn't for one minute believe that my light came on. I got mad, and called Dadman at work to tell him. He laughed and said "Yeah, it's been doin that. It's not a big deal. Why do you ask?" Obviously I couldn't tell him the reason, but Jeff had bragging rights for the day. I think his car eventually blew up, and I sold mine to a friend of ours that blew it up. Oddly, both of them happened in cold weather like this.

10 Days and counting until we invade Jeff and Mary. I'm sure this will be the first freak snowstorm that Florida has ever had, but hopefully it will be warmer than it is here.


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