Monday, December 06, 2004

Lines on the road, and traffic signs - they used to serve a purpose.

So, I'm driving in today - late. I can't help but notice that every SUV seems to be gunning for smaller cars. It's like lines on the road are a mere suggestion to these ass clowns. Here I am, in my wifes Mustang (which I probably shouldn't be doing), and these 90lb morons in these gargantuan SUV's are all over the road either (to quote jeff) "searching for their Wayne Newton CD," combing their hair, or dialing their cell phone, then they have the nerve to flip you off when they've tried to run you in to the ditch. Even though I was late, I paid a visit to one today - in the rain. This idiot had been riding the line, and finally crossed over about a foot from my front bumper and stopped. We were of course in a school zone. So, I put the car in park and walked up to pay him a visit. A gentle tap on the window (okay, that's a lie) scared him out of his mind because he was still dialing his cell phone. So he asks what he can do for me since I'm standing in the rain beating on his window. I informed him that he was weaving the road like a drunk lunatic and I didn't much care for it. He said "Well, I didn't even see you." My response was a very vocal "You weren't looking because you were combing your hair, on your cell phone, with your head in your ass!" He decided it was best to pull off the road and make his call so he did just that.

Seriously, nothing can be that important that you have to almost run someone off the road. The lines on the road were put there for a reason. If I had to guess, I would say they're to divide the highway between you and the idiot next to you. I guess I should drive the Jeep the rest of the week so I can push these people out of the way. Somehow, I think they've got a law against it, so there goes that idea.


Ha, you are about the most bold person I've ever encountered....that is too funny, exactly what most people want to do but never have the nerve to do it.
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