Friday, December 17, 2004

Burger King, and a New Jeff Story.

So, I was driving in this morning and I'd left early to go look at lawnmowers. I don't much care for shopping for lawnmowers as I don't care for mowing the lawn. I got done early and decided to get some breakfast. I made the mistake of going to the Burger King on Amnicola Highway by the police station. Normally, one wouldn't think this was a bad idea. I ordered something simple - a number two with orange juice. Then I get hammered with all these questions. It's not that she's asking - it's that I can't understand her. I don't speak jive as well as I used to, and I don't go to drive-throughs often enough to understand what they're saying anymore. I made it clear a couple of times that I wanted sausage, and she responded every time did I want to double up with the ham. There is no ham mentioned on the description of the number two. Finally, I just said "Lady, you can keep it. I'm headed to McDonalds." Then she was saying something as I drove off - still not sure what.

I was talking to Jeff the other night and was somehow reminded of another good Jeff story. When we were in high school, his mom took us to Atlanta to see the Phoenix Suns play the Atlanta Hawks. I was a huge Charles Barkley fan - I even owned his shoes becuase I played on my church team. Some times I even had the Charles Barkley attitude - but that's another story. So, all these people are headed down court to get autographs and the like so Jeff and I do the same. Somehow we ended up on the wrong staircase down and ran in to one of the reporters that was broadcasting for Phoenix television. We talked to him for a minute and then asked how to get down to court level to get an autograph. He said something to the effect of "Mine?" So we accidentally laughed at the guy and he got mad. We walked away and Jeff screams out "He's not a prick - I swear!" I'm pretty sure the guy heard us laughing after that, but it didn't much bother us. So we went back in search for stairs to court level. Out of nowhere, this guy with long blonde hair and a leather jacket with no shirt on runs in to Jeff, and smiles. Didn't speak, just smirked like he'd put Jeff in his place. Jeff never takes anything laying down, so this was no different. As the guy is just behind us, he screams out "Hey everybody look! I'ts Fabio!" Of course, in the dome in Atlanta, everyone turned to look as we ran off laughing. At the time, that was really funny. Somehow words just don't do it justice.

A little less than two weeks to go to the Jeff and Mary visit. I can't wait. I need out of this office so bad it's not even funny.


Ha, that's still pretty two are probably pretty lucky you didn't get beat down at some point during all of your antics.

Did you ever get Charles Barkley's autograph? I try my best to never miss a Barkely interview...he's got to be one of the funniest guys of all time, and he doesn't even have to tell's just natural.
posted by Blogger Chas at 12:29 PM  
I never did get his autograph. I heard him once on TV say "I don't like White people," so I kinda gave up on it. I don't think I ever wore my Charles Barkley shoes after that. I agree with you though, he was funny, and he was hilarious when he hosted Saturday night live.
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