Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas time and people show their true colors

We had our usual Monday meeting this morning at 7:30 with our Christmas gift exchange. Well, it's been a tradition to have someone read the Christmas story before we begin just as a reminder that the Christmas season isn't about presents. Usually, people are lining up to read it. Last year, my friend Brian read it. I never knew Brian was religious at all until he read that and actually shed a tear. So today, the boss has the bible in his hand as usual, and went and asked his self proclaimed assistant to read the second chapter of Luke. I heard it and thought "Dang, I was hoping to get to read that this year." So, this ass clown goes "I'm not reading that." We thought he was kidding - who wouldn't want to read the real Christmas story at our staff meeting? I know some of you are thinking, maybe he's just shy. This is not the case I assure you. If there is a chance for him to be center stage, he would knock down Mother Teresa to get it. The boss asked him if he was kidding and he said "No, I'm not reading that," and sat back down. So I volunteered instantly and it got me an evil look from the refuser. Sorry, I didn't do it to suck up. I always enjoy reading that story, and I can't imagine someone who always has to be center stage refusing to have the attention of the entire room. Anyway, I felt he showed his true colors by refusing - he's ashamed. Not sure why, but this gets to me. It's probably just as well, I can't say that I would have liked to hear him read it.

At any rate, Merry Christmas. Take time to remember why we celebrate Christmas, and don't be ashamed. We finally got our tree up this weekend, so it finally feels like Christmas.


That's too bad that he didn't want to read the story, but even worse that he refused in the way that he did. I hope you and your "hot wife" have a very wonderful holiday!
posted by Blogger Chas at 12:25 PM  
Thank you Chastity, and I'm glad you think my wife is hot too. We hope you and J have a great Christmas too.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 1:53 PM  

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