Friday, January 07, 2005

The F-word

Have you ever noticed that of all the words in the English Language that start with the letter F, there is only one referred to as THE F Word? I've never known why that is, or what makes someone call a place and drop the F-bomb. Honestly, I think people just use this when they can't think of something intelligent to use.

I get a call from this guy the other day wanting to exchange something. His first words were "I buy from you all the time, and I'm a member of 17 different clubs so listen up." As is answering with the words "How can I help you?" means I'm going to do anything but listen. So, basically he broke whatever it was he bought and it was his error not ours. I would have known that when we got it back, but he was trying to pull one over on us and slipped. So, when we've both decided it's his fault, he says "Well, if you don't replace it, I'm going to tell all 17 of my clubs not to buy from you ever again." That's when the F-bombs started dropping. I guess he thought he'd get his way if he cussed enough. I even offered him a discount on a replacement because he'd broken it. That just wasn't good enough. He wanted us to pay for his mistake and was going to yell until he got his way. Maybe one of the other guys would have caved, but I didn't. So he said "I'm reporting you to the F'in Better Business Bureau, what the F do you think about that?" I lied. I said "Well, this conversation has been recorded so when we get the complaint form we'll be more than happy to play it back for them." If F-bombs could kill, I'd be a dead man now.

Honestly, do people believe if they can't get what they want that swearing at someone on the other end of a telephone is going to help their cause? I know I have a bad temper, but I've never gotten an attitude with someone that didn't bring the 'tude first. If you want someone to help, I don't think an empty threat is going to get you where you need to be. That's my Friday afternoon rant. I'm seriously considering a job where people aren't going to do this. Have a good weekend!


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