Thursday, January 06, 2005

Rainbow Push

Before this post is over, some of you will swear that I'm a hard core racist that keeps a white robe and a clan hat in the back of my Jeep. I assure you I am not. I'm honestly sick to death of Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Push coalition. Really, all they are is a group of extortionists that want to be on TV. They run around screaming racism at every corner attempting to force diversify anyone they think they can extort money from. Last night we had a story on the news that said our local police office was racist and only promoted white people. Seriously, I thought at first it was a slow news day but I found out they weren't kidding. They interviewed our new police chief (we did recently have one that was black here - but skin color shouldn't matter) and he said "We don't promote based on race, we promote based on merit. Obviously there is nothing I can say to convince some people otherwise, but this is how it is here." Well said my friend. Then, they interviewed two members of the Rainbow Push mafia saying we didn't have enough black police officers because they knew joining the police force was a dead end job that meant no promotions for black people.

Can these people just not find anything better to do? Anytime I hear the word Rainbow Push it makes me want to vomit. The news show also pointed out that 17 of the 19 officers that recently received a promotion were white, and that black officers make up somewhere around 10 percent of our police force. Okay, so if right and 10 percent of our local police officers are black, and around 10 percent of the officers that got a promotion were black, then we're promoting 100 percent all black officers. I'm no math major, but that sounds right to me. If I were black, I would be embarrassed by this Rainbow Push crap. I have never in my life wanted a promotion or any form of merit because of who I knew, or what color I was. I know there are people out there that do, and probably get what they want when they pull the race card, but it's insane.

Jesse Jackson pulled this same stunt last year with Nascar. He said they needed to donate insane amounts of money to his Rainbow Push extortionists or he'd go public about why there were no black drivers in Nascar and he thought the sport should be more diverse. Honestly, you don't see any black people at a race, so maybe they're just not interested in Nascar. Should we try to force diversify basketball? Should John Stockton pull the race card if he doesn't get a raise? No. If a black guy has the money to run a Nascar team, or the skills to drive, I doubt he will be overlooked by anyone so there is no sense in this madness.

Some days I can't imagine how these racist ass clowns can look themselves in the mirror, or justify that what they do is anything other than old fashioned black mail. I think organizations like this should be immediately crushed as there are far bigger problems in the world than trying to extort money from people who are trying to earn a living. I imagine they said something to our police chief about going public with their story and I hope to God he told them where to stick it. Maybe if these people spent less time looking for people they thought were racist, and more time doing something constructive like working for a living, there would be less supposed racism in the world. If I'm ever in the position to hire someone, and they have Rainbow Push anywhere on their resume, I'll be sure to tell them we don't hire bigots, but thanks for applying. If it gets me fired, I'll be sure to clean out my desk in a white robe with a pointy hat on. Somehow, venting about this stuff makes me feel better.

On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite Oxymorons -

Resident Alien
Silent Alarm
Sports Sedan
Wireless Cable


This is completely off topic, but you mentioned the word Nascar and it reminded me to tell you...

I chuckled at the grocery store a month ago or so, as I saw a baby board Nascar book "My First Race". I thought it would be good to expose my daughter to all sorts of things and picked up the book for her. Had you and Jen had a munckin of your own, I'd have picked you up a copy! I think of you two every time I see it.
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Well good, I've made a lasting impression on someone. No munckins here yet.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 6:53 PM  
WOW! It's gonna let me comment...

Ya'll totally need the munchkin book. Buy it now while you have money. Cause later on, when you are trying to buy books for your kids (along with diapers, clothes, furniture) you're gonna look at that $17.95 price tag on a 10 page book and flip.

Baby Atwood got the ABC's of TN football the other day... N is for Neyland...
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