Monday, September 12, 2005

Dude, get the hint!

Okay, so my phone has been ringing off the hook today. This one dude has been calling non stop. Finally I check my messages, I have three messages from this guy that are all about two minutes long, and all the same rehearsed speach. Not once did he mention who he was with, or what this "specially selected" interview was for. All he said was his name (spelled his first and last name) and that he found my resume on I took my resume off Monster about two years ago so this guy is reaching, but at least I'm specially selected right? Wrong. Anyway, I call the guy back and was polite - much more polite than I really should have been after three phone calls. I simply said "Thanks for calling, you won't see me at the interview tomorrow because I work for myself. I'm glad you called, and good luck with your interviews but I'm not interested." He called back. So I talked to him, told him what I did and that he wouldn't see me at the interviews. So he said "okay, thanks for calling back." Five minutes later he calls back. He introduces himself again and says "what do you charge for the work you do? I noticed on your resume you'd written some newsletters and things like that." Sure I have...when I worked for someone else but now I work for me. He said (still at this point not telling me what I've been selected for) he had trouble getting people to show up to his interviews and getting callbacks. From the personality that flowed forth, I can't say as I was shocked. So he wanted to know could I help him write a newsletter. A newsletter that would inform people of what he did in a way that would get him more callbacks. So I said "Sure. You'll have to tell me what you do and we'll work out a price." He does prepaid legal and wanted to know if I knew anyone in that business. I have a couple of friends that are in it and he said "Well, are they doin okay?" They seem to be I said. "OH GOOD! That's good to hear. Whew!" Apparently a service such as prepaid legal has a bad rap in some areas. I find that hard to imagine. Anyway, I said "Well, if you want more callbacks, maybe you should tell people what you do instead of telling them where to show up for an interview." He got mad. "Well, this prepaid legal thing is more complicated than that. It's too much to explain over the phone. That's why I need someone that can write me up a website newsletter thingy and people can click on it and get all the information they need right then and there. Then, I'll get more callbacks and more people showing up at the interviews." Not sure how he thinks he's going to get them to the website, but I told him it wouldn't be too hard if he wanted me to do that. Then he assumed I would do it for free because I'm self employed. Seriously man. When you assume what's the rule? You make an ass out of you and umption (according to Samuel L. Jackson anyway). I wasn't out to make the guy mad, but really. I don't know him, and he'd been annoying me all day. What in the hell made him think I'd work for him for free? Sorry man, you suck. Good luck drawing people to your website newsletter thingy though.


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Haha. Prepaid legal translation: I flunked out of law school or couldn't pass the bar after 6 tries and I WILL f**k up your legal matters so you have to hire a more expensive lawyer than initially needed to fix my screw ups.

AKA = I got my degree at the YMCA.
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Blog spamming sucks. Someone please point me towards that word verification to keep ass clowns like this off my blog.
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Don't do that word verification thing. It is a blogger service that you can find in the settings, but it is really annoying. I don't like typing that crap in to post a comment. I think that it is sort of a deterent for everyone, not just spammers.

Oh, and assume makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". Assumption is the word for the Samual L. Jackson quote.
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You must be getting old being nice to that guy is not the one I've come to know. Come you should have let him have it both barrells.

Few weeks back I had someone company or something calling my phone looking for someone. I ignored it for a bit and then picked it up. They were asking for Elvis or something like that. I told them he has not had this phone and please take me off of the list. Still go phone calls. So I finally got pissed and ended up at a managers voice mail. End of calls. So far. Only bad experience with cell phones so far.
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If it makes you feel better, one of the guys I used to work with signed me up for VIP Vacations or some crap. They call me once a year and tell me I'm a VIP winner and I've won a free vacation that costs me next to nothing. I answered the phone, listened to them and said "Okay, take me off this list and don't ever call me again." Her response "Sir, your friends signed you up for this because they said you wanted to be a VIP. Don't you want to be a VIP?" I said "No, and I'll deal with those to later. Take me off this list and don't ever call this number again as long as you live." Haven't heard back from them since. I guess it depends on my mood.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:12 AM  
I would be dead broke all of the time if I had to solicit people for interviews, or for anything, really. It is absolutely all I can do to be nice to those people who do that!
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