Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Movie Review - The Transporter 2

So, I went to see the Transporter 2 last night and I was a little disappointed. I took my friend Mike with me because both of us thought it looked good. Mike hated it. I didn't feel quite so strong about it, but I could have waited until the cheap theater and been okay. The movie has some decent chase scenes, some cool cars, but the stunts and the fight scenes are unrealistic. I think the turning point for Mike was when he had a bomb strapped to the bottom of his car. He's running away from the bad guys, takes this jump, and as the car is in the air it starts to roll over. It rolls over just underneath a conveniently placed crane with an all too convenient hook on it. The hook grabs the bomb and he lands on the ground safely. At that point Mike said "I hate this movie." Not much story line and not a very thought provoking movie so needless to say I won't be buying the two pack when they come out. The first movie wasn't so bad, but it suffers from some of the same unrealistic action and fight scenes.

My biggest gripe was that instead of having dinner I thought I'd just have some popcorn and a coke. Not the healthiest of dinners but I had a big lunch at Captain D's so I figured that'd be fine. I ordered it, looked at the prices and found that it was $12 for a medium popcorn and a medium coke. ARE YOU INSANE!!!??!! I know this stuff is expensive and movie theaters complain that they only make money off their concessions, but seriously - $12 for popcorn and a coke? That's just nuts. I told the guy never mind as he hadn't fixed anything yet and he looked at me and said "Do what?" I said "Sorry man, I changed my mind. I'm not in the mood for any of that." He gives me a look like I'm an idiot and says "Do you want it man or don't you?" I just started to walk off and said "No, I was pretty clear when I said I changed my mind." After the movie I went to Olive Garden and had some soup that didn't cost $12. Maybe I'm just old or I hadn't bought movie popcorn in a long enough time but to me, that just seems outrageous.


Thanks for the heads up on this one. I will wait until it comes out on video.

As for the popcorn and such...yeah I never get anything there. Occasionally a frozen yogurt, but that's it.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 3:14 PM  
They have frozen yogurt at the theaters up there? If they had something worth eating - besides Reese's Pieces of course - I might buy it. Some day I want to open a theater like we saw on Food Network. It's a restaurant that serves real food while you watch the movie. I think people would come to that.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:42 PM  
They had one like that in Tampa. The Pitcher Show. You had to order 2 alcoholic beverages or spend $15. LOVED it.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 5:49 PM  

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